Feb 4, 2021
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I'm a newby here! This is my first post... Really happy for this!
Hope to don't be out of topic with my question on this part of the forum...

How can i get more visit to my HOT Tube Channels?
We just started a month ago, we iscribed to the most of them and we are getting into uploading and spreading allover the websites for Adult contents.
As suggested in some other post of this forum, we started using Reddit and that helped a little but still growing to get trustable profile! We just created our sub and still trying to understand how to manage!
Almost same thing with Twitter... There we need to work much more. Still not so active there!

So i don't get the point of why i have like 20 vids and i struggle to get visualizations! HOW CAN WE IMPROVE??
Of course we are not Stars, but our vids are good! I wont say they are the best in the tube... But much better than some others!
Anyway there are people with less videos, worst quality who are doing many many K of visualization in couple of weeks! They have same number of followers like us...

Our goal is to maybe create a private site with banners and etc... Is that a good idea? By now i guess no bcz we are no one!!!
For sure one goal is to reach as much people as possible to start an OF payment subscription for private contents...

By now our channels are not soo "branded" bcz we wanted to keep the idea of amateur contents... Maybe we need to improve graphic design?

Last but not the least, we are setting up to start with liva cam.... Is that good idea?

I know that matbe there are no wizards who can predict why is happening that... But really if you have suggestions, they are welcome!!!

Thanks a lot in advance for all the answer will follow!