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  1. lilkrito

    Easy & Fast Skill To Learn In The End Of 2022

    Hi BHW Community In 2022 there's a lot of demanding skills have popped up and had great value, so I'm asking for a skill to start learning in the coming 2-3 months or less so that I can be hired in these 3 months or less. This skill could make me from 300-500$ a month, and don't take much...
  2. Vido900

    Which Programming language should I learn?

    I'm seriously considering buying a course or joining an online school and learning some coding. Is it even worth it? Is it possible to get a job without having a college/university IT background? Do you guys have any experience to share?
  3. D

    Greethings and Happy new year Everyone

    Hello Im Benji, very grateful to be part of this community,(so excited on my journey here).
  4. GiorgiaSupernova

    TIPS - How to promote my tubes channels? Talking about sex videos.

    Hello! I'm a newby here! This is my first post... Really happy for this! Hope to don't be out of topic with my question on this part of the forum... How can i get more visit to my HOT Tube Channels? We just started a month ago, we iscribed to the most of them and we are getting into uploading...
  5. beastkay

    Learn and Earn - Don't walk like sheeps

    Hey BHWers, As the saying says it's never too late for learning. As everyone knows only learning will give you the earning, it is the only way you can generate income, most of the people nowadays are just looking for a way to execute it and make cash out of it, if that would be the case...
  6. Mr Cool

    Anyone help me CPABUILD

    Hello bhw peoples, I don't have knowledge in CPA, I have account in CPABUILD. How can I earn money on this. Any tutorial you have for CPABUILD. Anyone help me. Give me some instructions here. CPABUILD better or not. Thanks Mr Cool
  7. md somrat

    What is linkedin ? how to create an a/c on linkedin

    What is linkedin ? LinkedIn is a social networking site designed specifically for the business community. The goal of the site is to allow registered members to establish and document networks of people they know and trust professionally. ... Basic membership for LinkedIn is free. Create a...
  8. Armando Reyes


    Hello people of this community. I'm new to this environment and I wish to learn a lot from the people here. Its nice to meet everyone here. Thank you!
  9. S

    Experience in affiliate marketing with API

    Hi, I'm planning to use VigLink and check if there is an API provided in order to automatically provide affiliate content via my website. I'm wondering what the results of such process would be. I'm trying to evaluate the pros and cons of something like that. Has anyone any experience in the...
  10. P


    I am a new here and i want to learn about affiliate program and want to earn money from it but i do not know that how can I promote my affiliate urls to the locations.. So give me some suggetions about it and give me the lessons to understand about it.
  11. BlakHat Trooper

    What are your Favourite Black hat tips youve learnt in BHW?

    signed up after a year of lurking, intend to really commit to learn and share my experience that the work of the mouse and keyboard can bring. found some really good gold nuggets here n there that really helped out, such as the Franklin hatchett method, drop-shipping, concurrency advice you...
  12. Danny Crypto

    Where to invest 100$ today to get good return ?

    Hey, I earned 100$ and I want to invest where I can get 100% returns on monthly basis or weekly. I am ready to work for it any ideas you'll suggest I really want to look into that because I was permanently working somewhere and I left that job because it sucks ! Now I want to learn and earn...