1. King of the Pirates

    My deepfake skills and Verified Adult Sites Accounts + Your Traffic and your Marketing

    Hi Joint Ventures, I'm starting my business, and I'm looking for a business partner who can drive traffics, marketing, also on onlyfans models or any models. Here is what I can do: Verified Adult sites: * P*rnhub * Xvideos * Xhamster * ManyVids Deepfakes: I can capable of creating 100%...
  2. Kaneibus

    What Are The Top Tube & Gallery Sites To Post On?

    Hello BHW, I am currently working with multiple Porn Stars on their OnlyFans accounts and one of the strategies we implement for them is the Tube Method. We also post photosets on Gallery Sites. We are already submitting to the usual suspects... PornHub, XVideos, xHamster, ImageFap... Along...
  3. T

    How to make money as an adult video director with original content, open to any offer

    I am an adult video director in the niche of African big ass girl and sloppy blowjob, I was making good money with my xvideos account, the issue is that I did not have the id of all my models. In the country where I live in it is complicated to get model id’s. After requesting for my models id’s...
  4. W

    Any Xvideos tracker?

    I would like to know if there is any page like Twitch Tracker but for Xvideos. If there weren't, I would like to know why and what other alternatives I could use to monitor the numbers of a specific channel. Right now what I'm doing is taking screenshots every day at the same time of the...
  5. LarxParker

    Want make money with Xvideos

    Hello everybody: I'm an amateur p0rn actor i have My channel in xvideos called: larxlarx ... And i have like 71 videos and 2Millions of views, every day like 20k vienes but now inhave problem: 1. Xvideos takeout My verification check ando i cant view My ranking. 2. I upload 3 new videos but...
  6. Luca Jones

    ➡️ ✅ Done For You AUTOBLOG | Gaming | Adult | Auto-Pilot + BONUS PDF GUIDE How To Rank Articles | Traffic Methods | Ready-Made | Done For You ⬅️ ✅

    Hello BHW - Today we are launching a new service where we will create you a fully ready adult blog / news website for you to earn! Now is your chance to get an amazing deal with your own porn or gaming blog / news website with user registration, user article submission, top 10 posts, random...
  7. C

    BUY xvideos accounts

    Hi! Want to buy xvideos account with 1-2 videos uploaded(not ghosted accounts)
  8. P

    xvideos verification code

    Hi! for those who don't know, xvideos still works (or used to work) but now you can't connect to your account because it requires two-factor verification I had old accounts that I no longer have email access to, any ideas how I can access the account?
  9. S

    since xhamster and xvideos can no longer be used for re-upload, which site is the next best thing?

    i've tried spankbang and motherless. motherless was useless. under 1k views average for all vids and spankbang was ok but deleted all my videos without notice. i even had 20 subscribers on my profile. every video gone. so which site should i try next for re-upload?
  10. F

    Xvideos.com News

    today I came across this news : " Aug 22, 2021 NEW Due to the recent news about OF, and considering they are currently everywhere on our pages, we will be adding a feature to allow you to replace already uploaded files in order to promote something else. Please note that we will select and...
  11. T

    Low Views on Xvideos?

    Hi fellow blackhatters, I have just started uploading porn videos on xvideos.com, however, I am getting a really low amount of views. Uploaded about 20 videos so far and each video is getting about 50 views, is this normal? The videos are of camgirls. Might the category have something to do...
  12. D

    Have you ever earned money on the adult site, Xhamster?

    I would like to know about your own experience if you can tell me? Was it hard? how is the traffic? I personally do some homemade lesbian cartoons. Best regards!
  13. GiorgiaSupernova

    TIPS - How to promote my tubes channels? Talking about sex videos.

    Hello! I'm a newby here! This is my first post... Really happy for this! Hope to don't be out of topic with my question on this part of the forum... How can i get more visit to my HOT Tube Channels? We just started a month ago, we iscribed to the most of them and we are getting into uploading...
  14. agabird

    Is xvideos going to follow pornhubs fate?

    Just read this article (translated from Czech) Source: https://www.lupa. cz/aktuality/pornowebem-xvideos-se-kvuli-detske-pornografii-zabyva-ceska-policie/ I don't know how "credible" this website is, but still.... " The Czech police are dealing with Pornoweb Xvideos because of child...
  15. Luca Jones

    ✅ Write Messages On REAL Boobs PROMOTION ✅ - Your Custom Message On Models | Domain On Booty & Boobs | Video Promos

    Hello BHW - Today we introduce you to ➡️ Bootylush.com We already had a thread last year, and today again we re-launched from ground up our new website and offering the service again. Do you need someone to promote your new sex toy shop? or perhaps your own porn tube site? Or maybe you just...
  16. Mr.Racoon

    Adult Porn Upload method- videos not going live

    Since all these problems with pornhub, xhamster, etc is getting harder and harder. Is anyone else having problems with xhamster getting your videos live? I have several profiles and none of my videos are live, they're still showing "waiting" and converting, this is not normal and don't know...
  17. genito

    How is this guy escaping copyright?

    An profile on Xvideos has 882 videos uploaded, the site he watermarked in all videos is [removed].com, when you visit this site it's just an landing page to [removed2].com. Does anyone know anything about this website [removed].com? did it get closed or something cause I'm confused.
  18. C

    Is the link indexed in the profile on xvideos

    Good day gentlemen. Does anyone know if a link to my site gets indexed if I post it on my xvideos profile (verified account)? P.S. Sorry if my English is not clear
  19. beastkay

    What is the alternative of Xvideos, Xhamster, Pornhub?

    What is the alternative of Xvideos, Xhamster, Pornhub? For reupload journey? There can be no alternative for it for sure but any other sites that is worth trying?
  20. F

    Xvideos Ghosted Account

    Hi guys, I opened an xvideo account with my actual IP address, I upload some videos 2 weeks ago and didn't receive views. I searched for the videos and channel name but I couldn't find? Can you tell me what is the problem? does xvideos ghosted my account even though the videos are still...
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