1. O

    Getting more views on Pornhub

    Hey you! Thanks for clicking on my post. I'm using Pornhub to filter through to my OnlyFans. Been doing it for 2 weeks. But most of my views on pornhub are really lackluster, like, 20 views, 80 views, 7 views. I've over 8k views total now in 2 weeks. No subs yet - and I dont expect to get...
  2. X

    [Journey] Youtube and Patreon to $2000/Month in 4 Months

    This is a record for my journey to build a personal brand. I'm aiming for $2000/Monthly by end of April 2023. I do not want my social media handles to be exposed so I might be a little vague in some parts. Background: I've been doing NSFW Audlt ASMR for a little close to 6 months now, not very...
  3. G

    I want to buy verified porntube accounts

    Is there someone here who sells these, or a place I can be referred to to buy them? Thanks in advance.
  4. L

    5000 pornhub videos challenge. Adrevenue pornhub.

    Hello, some time ago I registered my first new Pornhub account. I am from Poland and I started adding some videos and promote my onlyfans same way too. After few days, and about 20 videos I gained about 10 new onlyfans followers and I have about 6k pornhub views, and I had some onlyfans tips too...
  5. TrapmanX

    Hello Everybody

    Glad to have found this site! I’m a newbie (on this site) but trust me I’m a creative head looking for an easy way to make money working from home. Please I need ideas on how I can make money doing certain things from home e.g porn reuploads, YouTube reuploads and more... I’m also open to offers...
  6. M

    Looking for a service to increase views and subscribers on PornHub

    hey, I have a brand (erotica for women), we're an established creator on PHub (nearly 2k subscribers), verified, nearly 1 million views already, but looking to take the views to the next level and get our channel more prominence. Looking for someone who can help out with this! Drop a reply or...
  7. vismay


    Hello Everyone!! I have a serious problem facing commenting on I have hundreds of pornhub accounts (not too old, not too new) but still when I make comment from one ID - --- I cannot upvote it from other accounts --- The upvote button gets disabled. Any specific reason? Any solution?
  8. Luca Jones

    ➡️ ✅ Done For You AUTOBLOG | Gaming | Adult | Auto-Pilot + BONUS PDF GUIDE How To Rank Articles | Traffic Methods | Ready-Made | Done For You ⬅️ ✅

    Hello BHW - Today we are launching a new service where we will create you a fully ready adult blog / news website for you to earn! Now is your chance to get an amazing deal with your own porn or gaming blog / news website with user registration, user article submission, top 10 posts, random...
  9. Game of Squid

    How i make money on my 2yr aged pornhub

    Hello BHW fam, quite new here... May i ask if how i make money on my prnhub 2yr aged acc + 221 subs. My vid are deleted on prnhub 1yr ago i dont know the reason dis is my achievements any idea or tips guys pls respect my bad english Thanks
  10. 1

    I saw Pornhub porn reupload still works

    I see that some people are still using Pornhub to upload works that do not belong to him, but he does not embed the video content on the website, just upload,Play volume reached 100K in just four or five days!!!This seems to give me hope This means Ph porn reupload Still working. However, I...
  11. CrazeWiz

    Looking for advice with DMCA complaints and threats of legal action for embedded videos from Mindgeek (Pornhub) including VERY personal email

    So I recently bought an expired adult domain because it had good metrics and tons of relevant backlinks (from 'The Porndude' type sites) Ahrefs UR38/DR35 - SEMRush Authority score of 44, it was niche based rather than 'general porn', I already promote dating/NSFW stuff, and it was only $10, and...
  12. Riarose

    How to grow my Ph profile

    Any advice on how to grow my profile lads ladies pls? name search is mariarosee I Ovb can’t put my group videos on due to currently not having model release forms and don’t want to give away my best sellers on OF but also my views and interactions are just rubbish Appreciate any help x
  13. jem001

    Pornhub's backlinks are weird!

    out of 1.2 billion backlinks these are the top 100 backlinks! basically they are blogger posts that are from India and other 3rd world countries? Anyone know why? Could've been links from xvideos or redtube or some sites like that but why this?
  14. L

    I have been threatened to send several traffic from a viewbot to my pornhub account to get blocked

    Is this really worth for them to send me traffic with their viewbot at max power just to get blocked from the site?
  15. jemzozole

    Pornhub PPC costs?

    Hello! 1. Did anyone advertise on Pornhub? I am curious what the CPC is there to roughly estimate visits for $1000 (example). 2. Which ad spaces covert the best there? 3. Did anyone try video ads on PH?
  16. D


    Hello, i am looking for a pornhub bot who can add friends by member search filters,does anybody know anyone?
  17. I

    How to increase views on PornHub?

    Hi! One month ago me and my fiancé decided to start a Pornhub verified model account. I’m trying to get some account traffic on Reddit but still it isn’t enough. How to increase views? Is there any option of buying it? I saw many profiles that have clips lasts only 1 min or less and still got...
  18. L

    How to grow my Pornhub profile and get thousands of views

    Hi guys. I'm Little Dessert, a new amateur porn actress, i have created my pornhub profile and now i'm ready to upload my 7th video. I can say that things are going ok. But i need more views, i mean thousands and thousands of views. I've barely been a week or a bit more on pornhub, maybe you...
  19. GiorgiaSupernova

    TIPS - How to promote my tubes channels? Talking about sex videos.

    Hello! I'm a newby here! This is my first post... Really happy for this! Hope to don't be out of topic with my question on this part of the forum... How can i get more visit to my HOT Tube Channels? We just started a month ago, we iscribed to the most of them and we are getting into uploading...
  20. Luca Jones

    ✅ Write Messages On REAL Boobs PROMOTION ✅ - Your Custom Message On Models | Domain On Booty & Boobs | Video Promos

    Hello BHW - Today we introduce you to ➡️ We already had a thread last year, and today again we re-launched from ground up our new website and offering the service again. Do you need someone to promote your new sex toy shop? or perhaps your own porn tube site? Or maybe you just...