May 19, 2020
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Hello Friends, In This short Thread i am Going To Tell You How Did I Made My first 2K From The Internet, and I Will also Ask about an Advice From You !

After Every Long Day Of Trying to Earn Some dollars From The Internet i go Back Disapointed With 0$ Net Earnings .. I Tried " CPA , AFFILIATE , ShortLinks , Arbitrag , yt Adsense , FbMarketplace Drop .. ... "
It Was such As Horrible Pure Wasting of time For Me ..

One Day My Friend has Proposed On Me To star Selling Digital Goods ( Legal And Illegal ) .. After a Case Study And Filtring Some Products We Started Thinking Where Can we Sold those Items ..
Then we Found 2 Famous Platform Where Can every One Put It Items ..
After 4 Days Of Selling I Earned 300 $ .. now I Got Execited To Give More And Hardwork .. It Was My first dollars From Internet ..So I Was Soo Happy .. And I Thought That I`ll Be Rich Fast ..

"And it`s True I Know Some People Working On The Same Business And they Earn 10K to 40K Per Day "

For Now I`m thinking to Stop Listing My Items On that 2 famous Platforms Because I Get Sick FrOm Shitty ( Accounts Suspension ) And i thinks to start Using ( Wordpress , Shopify Or similiar Platforms + Ads To Sell Those Items ..

My Question : Do You think Guys It`s A good Idea To List Those Items On Personal Website ?
- does People Will Shop From It Or They Will Fear Fraud And Such As Things ?
If You Had any Experience On This Please Give Me ( Us ) Your Opinion And Advice !!

BTW Sorry For My Bad English Hope You Understood ! Thanks For Reading This !!
First of all congratulations on your first 2000$!
I'm sure if you keep hustling it wont be your last.

Without knowing much about those website you're talking about it's hard to answer.
If those sites are marketplaces such as envato, udemy etc. it would be hard to just start your own site.
The problem is that you probably don't have any audience and it would be quite expensive to drive traffic to your website.
Invest your earning in learning, researching and testing. You can surely get going with your own set-up.
Congratulations, but no one can help you without the platform names
You didn't have to do marketing on those platforms but you will need to do so on a personal website. I'm guessing one of the platforms is Ebay.
Wow, that's a great achievement!

So what is the famous platform? If you rely on the platform traffic for earlier sale, then doing on your own might not get the same results. So may be you should look into why you get suspended and do another round to make sure you abide to their policy :)
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