1. macnitech


    If you want to build a high-performing website but have no idea where to start, or how to start earning, then Macnitech helps you. We believe in standing out. We stand out as a company. We’re committed to helping your brand stand out in a crowded market, against a sea of hungry competitors. ASK...
  2. tregoal

    Wordpress plugin to import feed, and get images!

    I'm looking for a wordpress plugin to import the rss feed from different source, and then import the images even if they do not show on the feed? Any one think can be done? PM
  3. blue_lime

    Grammar Automatically Fix Mistakes In Wordpress

    Hello, Is there any way how to fix grammar automatically in wordpress post articles? Do you know any plugin what gives you feature to fix grammar in bulk or python library? Thank you. ************** Well, of course we know grammarly extension for chrome but it's manual. I would like to...
  4. I Am Batman

    Is there a plugin can hide internal links?

    Hi, I want to find a plugin that can hide an internal link to an article that hasn't been published yet and show it when the article is published. Is there a plugin that can do this? Thank you.
  5. Mr.montez

    formidable forms help, how can make formidable forms that users submitted to view them on their profile?

    Hey BHW family. Can someone help me with this. I want to make users be able to see their previous form submissions in their profile page maybe approach this method by setting up membership method ( I have already created that ), I just want the users to be able to see their previous submissions...
  6. nifras

    How to add images automatically in WordPress posts from free image source like Pexels

    my question in the title. i want to know if is there any way to do that automatically. search picture from the title keyword and add it to the post
  7. Mr.montez

    Wordpress Help needed. I want to make one part of my backend dashboard visible to all my users

    Hello, do anyone have experience before with making WordPress's backend admin dashboard (Only one part of it) become visible on the front end for all users but they can only view and not be able to edit anything?
  8. ElZiuR

    What is for you the Best Way to Speed Up Wordpress Websites?

    I'd like to know your different methods to speed up your websites made with wordpress
  9. M

    Make a wordpress post returns to 404 in desktop, but 200 when visiting from mobile

    Hello All!! From the title of this post you might be wondering Why should anyone even wanted to do something like that. Yes, I need the server returns to 404 when someone visiting a perticular page/post from desktop. But the same page/post should return to 200 when visiting from mobile. I wil...
  10. wormatne

    Wordpress recommendations, THE BEST of THE BEST

    I'm not that familiar with WordPress but would like to know what are the best themes, plugins, and setups you are using for maximizing the conversion rate on your site? What pluggins do you use for: Marketing opt-in newsletter, SMS, notifications pop-up, review discount offer... Marketing...
  11. S

    Hello, I'm Newbie

    So Here's My Shortest Intro, I Don't Know Much About forums, Hope You Guys'll Give Support Like A Brother, And Yeah I'm Also A WordPress User
  12. X

    software website traffic ?

    Hello i just end of building a copy from a famous software website ' like getintopc ' traffic I'm confused about how I can get traffic into it, any suggestions to improve the SEO of this website and rank with another website
  13. X

    how to use a trib.al

    hello, I'm looking for a way to use this short link: https://trib.al/ I see many page used to short link her link but can't find where I can get this serves
  14. bhupiender

    Need help on woocommerce buy with exchange setup

    Hi, I am trying to implement "buy with exchange" on my woocommerce for my electronic website. I need help I can't found any plugin or way to do it. Thanks,
  15. Efn

    What has been your experience with nulled themes for wordpress?

    Hello folks, i want start a site for sell it. I'm newbie so even the stupidest thing makes me stop to ask myself things. This time, after having read some things regarding security, I wonder if it is a good idea to use nulled themes for wordpress, so I want to know your experience. I'm trying...
  16. stairs

    Which one is better for ranking your website , google blog or a WordPress website ?

    starting a new project and i'm going with the option of Google Blog to reduce the costs , so if you have any experience please let me know. Btw it rare to see a website with the domain ".......blogspot.com " in google first pages .
  17. WPRipper

    WordPress: The most important lesson I've learned

    I am a WP developer for over 8 years now. In the beginning, I was clumsy, confused, and always running for the 'best theme for...'. Fast forward, for personal projects, I never use bought themes, for various reasons. Instead, I have created a Master Theme, coded by hand, with no builders and...
  18. Ricardo R

    Why doesnt Wordpress add this feature?

    As in how about adding a mobile OTP option while logging into a WP dashboard of a site? It will make things more secure right?
  19. bigmans

    For one issue I have wasted my 1 day

    In WordPress I am creating website first time! I don't have knowledge of it but, I have little knowledge the problem is! for example in home page I have one product post when clicked on it relegated to that product list should be open! Example: Tomato product post in home page! Clicking on...
  20. MehtaM

    Wix to Wordpress - HELP

    My friend made a website on Wix. Now I have to create it in Wordpress. I don't have much experience creating websites and facing problem imitating the exact design of Wix on Wordpress. I am using Astra+Elementor. It's a 5-6 pages website only. I've watched a lot of Wordpress tutorials but...