1. Ricardo R

    Why doesnt Wordpress add this feature?

    As in how about adding a mobile OTP option while logging into a WP dashboard of a site? It will make things more secure right?
  2. bigmans

    For one issue I have wasted my 1 day

    In WordPress I am creating website first time! I don't have knowledge of it but, I have little knowledge the problem is! for example in home page I have one product post when clicked on it relegated to that product list should be open! Example: Tomato product post in home page! Clicking on...
  3. MehtaM

    Wix to Wordpress - HELP

    My friend made a website on Wix. Now I have to create it in Wordpress. I don't have much experience creating websites and facing problem imitating the exact design of Wix on Wordpress. I am using Astra+Elementor. It's a 5-6 pages website only. I've watched a lot of Wordpress tutorials but...
  4. Melanasut

    Wordpress template

    Hi! Does anyone have or know where a free landing page wordpress template is located? Thank you <3
  5. Landen

    Has my WordPress site been hacked?

    Hello everyone, So today I was checking my page views on Google Analytics and I noticed a certain page/URL that I had never seen before. Whenever I try going to this URL, I get redirected to some essay writing service that I have no affiliation with. Now I'm pretty sure someone has access to...
  6. M

    This Is How I Made my First 2000$ From Internet

    Hello Friends, In This short Thread i am Going To Tell You How Did I Made My first 2K From The Internet, and I Will also Ask about an Advice From You ! After Every Long Day Of Trying to Earn Some dollars From The Internet i go Back Disapointed With 0$ Net Earnings .. I Tried " CPA , AFFILIATE...
  7. haseeb9211

    [Free] WordPress Page Speed

    I will optimize the WordPress Site Speed...Pm me ....[First 3 only]
  8. Maxim Fadeyev

    Why do you need to code when there is Elementor?

    Privet, friend! The whole last year I spent most of my free time learning IM and web-site creation craftmanship here on BHW. Taking the opportunity to say hello to your mom and big thanks to the whole community here :* I have one question that bothers me for a long time: "Why do you need to...
  9. Harrrr

    Where to get free wordpress template kits?

    Hey people, does someone know where I can get these kinds of Wordpress template kits for free pls? https://elements.envato.com/fr/wordpress/template-kits . I can't pay for them right now, it would be great to get a free source. Thanks
  10. arkamohi

    i'm trying for the first time to create a website

    Hi beautiful people, i hope everyone is doing well in this hard time, this is my first time ever creating a website and i'm gonna try to use WordPress, does anyone have any recommendations for a cheap hosting for newbies and maybe a domain seller website? any tips would be appreciated thank...
  11. Misan

    Is it possible??

    I want to integrate PHP script downloaded from Codecanyon in Wordpress. basically the site is a single page site. I have no idea about PHP so I want to control the site in WP:( is it possible to convert a PHP script into a plugin??? seeking for help:(
  12. L

    need some help in store

    i need little text for these 3 tabs please can some one send it to me Fast Delivery Support Secure Payment
  13. iznokill

    Best free or cheap hosting?

    hi bhw community . Does anyone know any good with no limitations and uptodate hosting services ? Free or cheap ones if possible. Thanks in advance PS: to mainly host a WordPress page
  14. Leeone

    Dropshipping best plugins for wordpress

    Hello, today i started my shop with wordpress woocomerce theme, need some recomendations with plugins, looking for free plugins what you are using? i know alidropship plugin is the best but i don' t have ( don't want to pay for now ) money for it. Need some info about other market too, are...
  15. rockshuvo

    Need HELP about RANK MATH Plugin

    I have an article that title was long tail buy i separate the title like (blackhatworld review - How to find best forum ? ) when the post indexed in google they showing just (blackhatworld review) not showing other part . How can i change this setting in rank math plugin ?
  16. S

    AMP for Wordpress Blog Experiences

    Hello BHW members! I would like to hear about your experiences about enabling AMP version on your wordpress blog/news website. Did you notice some increase in website performance, number of pages per session, bounce rate, rankings, etc..? I would like to hear both good and bad experiences(if...
  17. O

    how to index wordpress.com blog on a free plan??

    i can't submit sitemap to google; because i can't edit the html of the website in the free plan. so how can my site get indexed. thanks!!
  18. stefoneh

    Planning to start a blog

    Hey fellas! I've been writing articles mostly in the field of technology for a couple of years. Recently, I've created an Upwork account as well, and I have to show people a portfolio, since nearly all of my articles were sold and there isn't my name showing up anywhere. So, I've decided to...
  19. Search Land

    How to accept payments from anywhere in the world on my wordoress website?

    How to accept payments from anywhere in the world on my wordoress website?
  20. JohnDontheman

    need a wordpress ecommerce site it must look a professional site

    ill need a wordpress ecommerce site it must look a professional site + site should have fake reviews ( 1/2 Month old / few weeks old ) + site should have 100 best selling shoes product male/female both shoes real price should be 500-900$ and on our store the price should be between 85-99$ it...