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Aug 31, 2013
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It can be nerve-wracking when you submit your first marketplace thread. After all, you don't know what to expect from the review process. Well, that changes today.

Phase 1: Your Thread Submission
After you submit your marketplace thread, it will go into a moderation queue. You will also receive an auto-generated private message from @iModBot. This message will let you know when your thread has been picked up by a marketplace moderator for review, when there's been a response to the thread, when your thread is approved/rejected, and when your thread is live in the marketplace.

It's important to wait patiently to hear back from a marketplace moderator. You'll normally hear a response back within 10 working days. Please do not attempt to jump the queue by starting a conversation marketplace moderators.

Phase 2: Beginning Your Review
As was mentioned before, once a moderator picks up your thread, you'll receive an auto-generated conversation notification about it from @Apricot. If your thread has any of the issues mentioned in this thread, we will send you the BBcode of your thread and ask you to make changes to your thread so that it complies with our marketplace content standards. If you fail to make the changes I've requested to your thread, we will not be able to proceed with the review and your sales thread will be rejected as a result.

If there aren't any issues with your thread, we will send you information on what we need you to do for the review, as well as ask you what you'll require from us. Side note: as marketplace moderators, we are required to keep all of our discussions in the review threads. This also includes any files you need to send to the marketplace moderator who's reviewing your thread.

Phase 3: Delivering Your Product/Service
Phase 3 is where you'll need to take the information provided to you by the marketplace moderator or deliver your product or service exactly as it's been described in your sales thread or better. You must provide your product or service free of charge to the reviewing moderator as they are not permitted to spend any money to review your service.

It's vital that you provide your product or service to the marketplace moderator as if they were an actual customer. Over-delivering your product or service will not gain you any favours nor will it make it more likely that your thread will be approved.

Phase 4: Reviewing Your Product/Service
Once you've finished working on your product or service for the reviewing moderator, let them know that you've finished by posting in the review thread. Be sure to include any reports or documents that you would normally send to your customers. Occasionally, we may request some additional information to verify some of the claims made in your thread.

Phase 5: Approval/Rejection/Additional Attempts
After we've finished our review, your thread will either be approved, rejected, or we'll request that you modify your thread, product, or service.

If there aren't any issues, your thread will simply be approved. We will leave a review in your review thread, which will also appear automatically in your live thread once you pay the marketplace listing fee.

Additional Attempts
If there are any issues with the product or service delivered, we'll let you know. If these issues are minor or if we believe they can be worked out in a reasonable amount of time, we will allow you to make another attempt at the review either by having you re-deliver your product or service, modify the product or service you originally sent, or modifying your marketplace thread to accurately reflect what you sent the reviewing moderator.

If the product or service you delivered is extremely low quality or should you fail all 3 of the attempts you're provided, your marketplace thread will be rejected.

For a list of reasons why your thread might be rejected, please view this thread:
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Does this means all that have been reviewed could be trusted that they would perform the service that is promised?


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Good to have the made it easy to understand