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BHW Enterprise account

Discussion in 'BHW Marketplace rules and how to post' started by Diamond Damien, Feb 10, 2014.

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  1. Diamond Damien

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    This is effectively a rules page, as it's currently in BETA we're asking for feedback from BHW here. The rules will be updated as feedback comes in.

    Q. What is an Enterprise level account?

    A. It's a membership level on BHW that allows carefully verified accounts the ability to promote their brand to the BHW membership.

    Q. Who is it for?
    A. An Enterprise level account is specifically for established businesses, individuals and brands that want to interact with the BHW membership as part of their marketing strategy.

    Q. Why did you call it Enterprise level account if it's for everyone?
    A. Because Twitter freak out if we call them Verified accounts. Besides we do so much more than just verify. We actually jump the account holder through a heap of tasks to confirm identity and brand ownership. Realistically it's for people that want to strongly market their brand across the circa eighty million page views 80,000,000 to our forum per year (March 2017-18 stats - GA).

    Q. Why should I trust a BHW Enterprise account holder?
    A. A regular level BHW account would have a multitude of posts by the account holder so you could see their history and work out if you wanted to do business with them. With this level of account we do the verification, checking if the user is:
    1. A valid business in good standing.
    2. Offers a beneficial and viable product for the BHW membership (we do a deep dive into their product before allowing it onto the forum).
    3. Is actually the owner / Trademark holder of the brand / product they represent.
    4. They are THE verified account on BHW for that brand.
    5. They have a person / group on staff that will deal with questions from BHW members in a timely manner.
    6. Remain relevant each year (we verify them every 12 months).
    Basically we see if they check out. But as with everything in life do your own due diligence before making any purchases.​

    Q. Does this make the user account above all the rules / one of the untouchables?
    A. Absolutely not These accounts are held to the highest standard and will be infracted and banned just like any other for breaking the rules.

    Q. What do I get out of becoming an Enterprise level account?
    A. Please note the Enterprise level pass doesn't mean you can break any of our terms http://www.blackhatworld.com/blackhat-seo/terms.php it does however provide you with these principle benefits:
    1. Recognition identifying you as the authenticated account holder of the brand / site / that you are promoting.
    2. Name change on your existing account to reflect the brand / product you want to promote (one time only).
    3. A named account manager at BHW who will learn your requirements and provide you with options on how BHW can promote your brand / product.
    4. A badge on your profile to identify you as Enterprise level and that you have been verified by BHW.
    5. The ability to post your product in the Marketplace. Subject to the usual rules.
    6. A 5,000 pm box.
    7. An increase in business through recognition of supporting BHW.
    8. The option to use images and approved links in your signature to promote your product / Brand to BHW.
    9. Access to the Enterprise level and General forums.
    10. The option to use branded avatars in your profile.
    11. Expose your product to specific verticals / influencers on BHW.
    12. Exclusivity - there are only 25 Enterprise account memberships available.

    Q. What type of company do I have to be to be accepted?
    A. Currently we are only accepting applications from registered UK, EU & US businesses. We intend to expand this offering in due course.

    Q. Is there a cost associated with this?
    A. Yes, due to the costs of running this level of account and the verification process, we require an initial payment of $2500, then $600 a month, ex VAT.
    Pay a year in advance and receive the following benefits:
    1. 25% off the first year's membership. Total cost $5400.00
    2. A 25% discount on all advertising purchases made directly through your account manager.
    3. An email to our 100,000 plus mailing list announcing your thread / product release (usual Email blast rules apply).

    Benefits may be added / deleted as availability dictates.

    Q. This is perfect for me, what's next?

    Right now we are running a soft launch with a list of pre-verified account holders. Please complete our advertise form and we will get back to you when we do a full launch.
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