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Tapping into Multiple Social Media Sites With 1 Traffic Stream

Discussion in 'Social Networking Sites' started by Shadexpwn, May 14, 2015.

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    Here's a detailed overview of easily adapting your social media engagement stream and seamlessly utilizing various social networking websites alongside each other and simply having multiple source of passive potential growth with the same time and money invested.

    Below are combinations of one or another social network communication apps posted on numerous sites respectively.

    SnapChat & KiK Hand in Hand would have the same function, although you would have to mix and match your choices whereas both are good, they grow at relatively similar speeds and have similar functions.

    Here are some ideas for tapping into pre-existing social networking pages with this type of style of promotion.

    SnapChat & KiK with Twitter, Tumblr and Instagram in the biography or Clickthrough areas rather than a direct link would avoid potential bans or prolong your campaigns a bit longer and allow you to monetize on a different application and focus on growth.

    You can also sell tweets, direct ads or other news on top of the above mentioned social network sites for niches in the non-nude categories or other niches not deemed too profitable.

    Of course you can easily alter this to another aspect of media marketing or exposure, just try and keep it at a level you can handle without any hassle or limitation.

    On a mass scale SnapChat is less regulated and has a mass feed feature called stories while KiK is simpler to send individual messages on via a small-mid sized scale.

    With this method you can forget about direct linking and focus more on easily abiding by standards and developing a new monetization strategy on the linked services instead of wasting time with direct linking bans in the NSFW, personal and business networking or personal training niches.

    This is a fresh twist on opt in or gateway pages at a modern level uniquely amended to social networking.