Strange behavior on PlugRush earnings - more traffic = less income

Discussion in 'Making Money' started by m4rdukk, Apr 25, 2013.

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    Hello, everyone! :)

    I recently started a new project regarding a XXX tumblr with plugrush ads. Long story short: after a short time I achieved 1 USD/day and have 800 followers on tumblr, traffic always getting higher and higher. However, after reaching 1USD/day, my traffic still increases day after day, but my income has dropped hugely even though traffic is much higher than the traffic that generated 1 USD/day income!

    Is this common in plugrush? I mean, on several services I have used, it was common practice to provide lower and lower earning rates the higher your profit rates already were.
    As if there was a programmed limit on how much you could earn at several plateaus. Not that my income would not increase again with higher traffic, I am sure if I exceed 2k daily visitors (currently have 1k), my income would rise, but I suspect it would raise on a much lower curve than in the beginning. Like, would raise, but not proportionally.

    Apart from that, one thing that annoys me is that plugrush ads are displayed through iframes (not much to do, and it is a really neat solution actually). However, albeit being neat, they are not trackable. I mean, I cannot be sure about the number of clicks they say I have generated, can't say it is done, but they surely could report a lower number. I have an ad widget that was generating steady 150 clicks/day with 600 daily visitors, and now with 1~1.1k it does not generate even 70 clicks? Seems weird.... Almost double the traffic, less than half the clicks.. I wish I could track iframe clicks, but as plugrush domain obviously is different than mine, I cannot due to cross domain iframe protection rules regarding HTML/javascript..

    Here you can find my traffic chart (today it still appears as less than 1k but there are some hours before the end of the day, traffic of yesterday will almost surely be passed)

    Captura de Tela 2013-04-24 às 21.03.51.png

    And here is my plugrush income chart:
    Captura de Tela 2013-04-24 às 21.05.44.png

    I have not made any major changes on my setup and just received more and more traffic with lower and lower profit. :(

    I know no one can say for sure the reason, and of course it may just be the case I had good luck before and now I have bad luck, but statistically speaking, I do not find it probable, although possible. I just wanted to know if this behavior was much experienced with you guys.

    Thanks for the attention :)
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    I think I'm experiencing some of that... I reached 1.5 USD/day, my traffic has increased a bit but income dropped back to 1 USD/day... I cannot tell for sure before I give it some more time... I may come back to this thread