1. alizer21

    How do I maximize my income on an adult site I own?

    I own an adult site, 6 months old, 40K visitors a day, just the usual adult tube porn site, I put ads on it and from the ads I earn 7$ a day (I use Adsterra), I was thinking of doing "premium membership" but that defeats the purpose of the site, I want it to be free while earning income out of...
  2. C

    Hello All, Big plans ahead.

    Hi all, My name is Aster. I just wanted to say that I'm glad i can join this group and hope to contribute in the future. As someone who struggled to to earn any income and started off with PTCs I've came along way and learned many things. I used to be a member of a forum called but it...
  3. Twistler

    How Much Have YOU Earned This Year And How?

    Out of curiosity, how much money have you earned in the past year and how? You do not need to say specific amounts for privacy reasons but a rough estimate. Personally, I have earned just under 10k from my drop shipping business. I am in school, so I was not able to scale it unfortunately.
  4. D

    Discord Scaling (Making $ 0.3 to $ 0.6 Everyday) Looking to make more and expand

    I have a discord server currently and I'm getting around ($ 0.3 to $ 0.6) everyday. I won't go into detail on how I monetize it but I get my members from discord server lists and I monetize it with shortened links (Linkvertise). I want to scale my income up and I'm confused cause I'm getting...
  5. N

    Fully setup an affiliate site or some other passive income method? With guaranteed minimum income?

    Looking for someone to set-up or sell me an affiliate site or another passive income money making method that works--to the point that they will guarantee even a small amount of income. Does anyone offer this service or something like it?
  6. Nancy224

    Why are many not making money today.

    Money as we already know is essential to man existence , because it is used to acquire assets and things we desire , money is also used to pay bills , money serve as a means of accumulating wealth , serve as a medium of exchange , and finally serve as a medium for foreign or local investments ...
  7. filiposlovni

    How do you make your living? Your income streams?

    This might sound weird but I was thinking of starting this thread so that anyone who is okay with it to share how they make cash and what are your future income plans? Mine: My family runs a fruits and vegetable shop for 10+ years I work there 7 hours a day and we make really good cash (Around...
  8. Y

    Games Marketing, android games

    Hi, Hope you are all fine. So I have been making games for some time, but I am really bad at marketing, and actually afraid that after my games being uploaded at google play store, wont catch any attention, even though they are high quality, and I watched some videos where some one did 30bucks...
  9. Ghoztseo

    Is My Growing or Drowning - Need Guidance!

    Hi All, I started a blog at the end of Feb, started to pour content up to June then I had to go through financial trials and had to shift my home to another place, It became so hectic until July completely, also I have got a newborn baby, She is 5 months old now. Well, I posted a total of 51...
  10. davidmiller28

    Long Term Income

    What the best way to get long term income with short time? 1.Doing affiliate marketing From my sight of view it need high budget and high risk. (of course high income) 2. Learn Unique skill and do freelancing Past years i was doing wordpress and it has high demand on it. Come to the 2021 it...
  11. D

    Building website/blog

    How much should I spend to build a website/blog and make passive income in that. How long will it take to take the investments?
  12. A

    I am planning on starting a few income streams in 2021 and need some advise.

    I am looking got start 3/4 income streams in 2021 and need some advise about the initial setup. I am looking at starting a stock/crypto portfolio, a blogging site and a POD eCommerce store and hopefully grow into more down the road. I am not sure how to layout the questions, but here goes; 1...
  13. P

    BHW newbie

    Hi, I am new here and looking for any ideas, like literally any ideas to increase my money stream actively and passively. Any infos will help for sure
  14. seocrab

    How to find Amazon affiliate alternatives (and extra site income)

    A quick note about finding Amazon affiliate alternatives... Most of the major US retailers like Walmart and Target offer the same or worse commissions than Amazon (Best Buy, for example, offers just 0.5%) Smaller retailers with higher commissions are unlikely to convert as well as Amazon, due...
  15. CreativeDaddy

    [Journey] Newbie on a Quiz type wordpress website.

    As the title says I've started this journey as a newbie creating websites, 3 days ago. Start thinking about making some online stream revenue since my offline business is down with this covid-19 virus. Got inspired by some quiz type journeys here on BHW. My website its not 100% quiz, with have...
  16. D

    Hello, D1nk here: Big news' soon

    Hi, I do domain sales and make decent income, now I need more of these sale. Get your next website up and running on GoDaddy auctions. Search - klo1(dot)com Suggestions welcome... 1st post.
  17. draco02

    Passive income streams

    What Potential passive (online) income streams do exist? What are the best for a longterm, steady income? Which ideas do you have?
  18. S

    Make Multiple Streams

    Someone on here not to long ago asked me if I had any advice on "adult websites" I told them not to get traffic from just one thing, for example, search engine. I know there was a thread not to long ago talking about getting good at one thing and stick to it...
  19. D

    Where can I pay for ads - adult.

    Hey. I have some budget to invest in passive income. I'm already running my ads on FBAds & GAds. Where can I also do it with similar audience quality? (or maybe less). Also I'm doing only adult traffic. Thanks for help!
  20. E

    Looking for affiliate platforms

    Hi, everyone! Hope you are all great! I am new here and I wonder if you can advise me any profitable affiliate platform to work with and earn good money. I am looking for global and beneficial offers. I am mostly interested in travel and e-commerce verticals. I am comparing several platforms...