1. Mr.Scan


    ✅️I would like to introduce myself as a long-standing and reputable seller of facebook accounts in the community. With long experience in facebook ads and huge and stable resources such as profile, fanpage (old, bluestick), Business Manager (250, nolimit), personal account (250, 1500, nolimit)...
  2. S

    [Help] What is the purpose of these types of websites?

    Hello Buddies Sometimes i received a bunch of facebook and instgram ads that follow this steps, someone make a work propouse and when you click in the ads is loaded a blue page with some google ads links. What is the purpose of these types of websites? follow a video that i make.
  3. P

    FB BH Online Gambling Ads + Cloaking

    Currently im running cloaking ads on fb, yes it still works, can run for 6 months wouldnt restriction or get caught. But however, the result is not very good. I know it is creatives + contents problem. Coz traffic still high, landing page views high. But seems gamblers are not interested with...
  4. P

    how supposed run google ads ?

    how to run google ads for gambling campaign correctly ? how about the keyword ? if we use keyword contain gambling is it OK ?
  5. H

    Is Lamanche Payments a good virtual CC provider?

    Hello everyone! I am currently using a virtual CC provider for my FB ads but I have encountered many problems with them that have stopped my ads a couple of times and I am now looking for a different CC provider. I was thinking of the following 3 options: 1. Lamanche payments 2. 3...
  6. Propulseio

    Hey BlackHatWorld community !

    Hey BlackHatWorld community, I'm thrilled to join this dynamic forum, coming from a background steeped in crypto and investment. Transitioning into the realm of online businesses, I bring a skill set as a web developer and graphic designer. While I've mastered the art of creating engaging...
  7. malikmajmudar

    Whats the best network for popunders to launch a campaign with dating offers !

    Hello, i was wondering whats the best result giving network to purchase popunder traffic to my dating cpa offers. I been working with clickadilla and i am not very happy with their result when it comes to popunder. Please recommend me a good network from ur experience thanks
  8. jeanfrank

    May I know if we can find some services to have more likes for the ads?

    Hi guys, if we can buy the service to get more likes for the ads we promoted on FB? I don't know if the ads promote well if the ads have more likes and comments. Thanks
  9. I

    Guys! i need affiliate marketers to advertise my products ASAP !! Com: 50%

    Hello Guys! Looking for affiliate in these 4 niches: Making Money Online Kitchen & Cooking Youtube Content Creation Coding / Programming Commission 30% - 50% ( Negociable ) ;);) If you are interested send me message or email me at: [email protected] Please i need only 10 Affiliates so...
  10. P

    how to put pixel in cloaking PHP ?

    hy ! how to put pixel in cloaking PHP ? for gambling campaign. the landing page already use cloaking. how to put the facebook pixel inside the PHP cloaking ?
  11. GrowerGuys

    Facebook/Google ads service

  12. S

    Best Ad network for 150k daily page views?

    hello i have movies site and my daily page views is around 150k 90% from egypt is there any ad network Provide pop ads with high cpm for Middle East?
  13. M

    Need Help With Hosting & Ai Autoblogging

    I need help on the best shared hosting that I can use to host 25 websites. Each website will post 10x a day with free stock images. So in total I’ll be posting 250 articles a day. Also I need a free Ai content generator that can create 250 articles a day at very cheap price or completely free...
  14. Zed Instruments

    Facebook Comments from Real Users, not botty looking

    Hey guys, i'm looking for someone that offers a service to comment on facebook, specifically ads, for social proof, ideally, adding in before and after photos into comments, and providing comments of REAL facebook users, not anything that looks botty, USA ONLY. Looking for a premium service...
  15. W


    I use ads on gambling and my pixels are attached on our website. What's the best optimization/campaign to run? I was running "Websitie Leads" before using BM accounts and customized the deposit button as "Lead". Now, I am using individual accounts to run ads, but running "Website Leads" seems...
  16. bravo jr

    I need someone who can boost instagram and facebook ads

    Need person who can run ads to the right audience on Instagram and Facebook
  17. P

    Facebook gambling campaign

    what is the best Facebook gambling campaign to use ?
  18. InternetAnon300

    [Journey] to $100/day profit in Affiliate Marketing

    Started looking into Websites & SEO ~3 months ago. Since then have fell down the rabbit hole of Aff Marketing. Going down the path of using ads/paid traffic to generate revenue. Probably Push Ads as I have heard good things about them & I have no experience in any ads. What Resources Do I...
  19. R

    problem google ads campaigns

    Hi everyone! I have a problem with some Google Ads campaigns.. in practice I'm running campaigns in Germany (obviously the country is set correctly during the campaign setup phase) but I notice, doing some tests, that my ads only appear on and not on Does anyone know the...
  20. L

    I can't input Twitter payment details for Twitter Ads

    Hey guys. I want to post promoted tweets like this(down below) as a link form but the problem is I was stuck in giving payment methods and I've tried many cards already and they're all invalid. Is there a fix for this or is this some sort of bug. If there's anotherway of inputting payment...
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