Spamming Youtube???


Nov 16, 2009
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I'm a member in a CPA network, and I was promoting my website via Youtube comments. However, my affiliate manager messaged me and said that they received spam complaints from google due to my advertising and that I needed to stop. I was wondering if I advertised another site on youtube, that simply linked to the site that contained my cpa network surveys. Ex: Advertise a movie website on youtube that simply explains what the movie is about and than links to my site with the surveys to watch the movie? Do you think that this would work, or would Google/Youtube simply follow that link and report me once more? Thanks!
your affiliate manager has google alerts raports and he know that you are spamming his website, buy a domain and redirect your affiliate link to this domain, when users copy and paste url, you AM will see the domain as referrer, if you dont have money use tinyurl or other service. I am doing the same as you and never had problem with AM
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