1. W

    [My 2023 Experience] Insane bans and suspensions - Non sense restrictions from multiple platforms (Funny to see)

    Every platforms nowdays in 2023 are getting strict and strict in every aspect as we all know... We don't have any freedom of speech and a slight small infraction or even without doing anything wrong they can suspend a account. This year a lot of platforms are suspending accounts without...
  2. Outc@st

    Help Setting Up Google Merchant & Ad Account

    Hi all, I would like to create a Google merchant and ads account to promote an ecom store using shopping ads. I will be opening the account as an individual. I'm trying to avoid having my new account suspended/banned, so what tips would you recommend? I already have had accounts...
  3. D

    Marketplace ban on multiple accounts. VPN doesn’t work.

    Hey guys I recently got banned on Facebook marketplace. This happens a lot, but usually I can just make a new fake profile and everything is OK again. This time is different and every fake profiles instantly banned after my first listing. Even tried using a vpn, doesn’t change anything. What do...
  4. P

    Fiverr Support BS

    Want to know if anyone else has gotten the same response from fiverr or has dealt with their support. using my personal account (not marketing related) I messages a few members on fiverr about a gig, I wake to find my account was disabled no warning, just go an email saying I was disabled for...
  5. S

    My domain got blocked in a certain country

    My domain got blocked in a certain country and I lost a lot of traffic :weep: I created a specific domain for the country that blocked my site, and when they visit my site, it redirects them to the other domain, and after about two or three days, I get blocked Please any help
  6. Panama Management

    Help my Accounts just got banned from reddit

    Hello. I ran 2 reddit accounts but they both got banned (maybe for upvote manipulation or just because of the same IP). But what is the best way to go about making a new account without it getting banned?
  7. designer style

    Midjourney Images in amazon KDP?

    Can I get banned if I use Midjouney images in amazon kdp?
  8. ProfessorBlackbeard

    How to raise your daily budget - Google Ads

    What is the best strategy to raise your budget nowdays? I'm going for a budget of around €1000, before I've been able to do it over a period of 2 weeks, starting at around €10-€20 and raise it by around 20-30% each day. That doens't work anymore. I know I can do it over a looong period of...
  9. F

    Any Instagram Account Recovery Specialists?

    Hi everyone! I'm looking to network with anyone who has experience in Instagram account recoveries, as this is a particular service that really intrigues me. I've scoured all up-and-down the BHW forums, and reddit (not much success). BHW as really been the most beneficial with finding this...
  10. 2

    Why do services keep restricting/banning me?

    Apologies in advance if this is not the right place to ask. Please remove if not allowed. I also apologize for the long post. For context, I recently turned 18, and there are financial services that I have/want to sign up for. However, the fact that many of these services have restricted my...
  11. N

    My website got blocked by Facebook

    Hello, Facebook blocked my site for not following their community guidelines, I'm thinking of 301 redirection but I don't know how?! Of course, I tried to contact Facebook but had no luck. I have WHM & Cpanel access and bought a new domain pointed to my server. Can anyone tell me what the...
  12. Nancy224

    If I am banned from a Facebook group by a mod/admin, is it permanent or does it last 30 days?

    I was banned from a Facebook group, I've been always respecting the rules and never had problems. The group leadership was sometimes dictatorial and the group has been already deleted by Facebook in the past, this was a 3.0 or 2.0 version of it. I had a misunderstanding with a mod in private (we...
  13. vilaus

    Diamond Damien Banned? How?

    I mean to be honest Almost Anytime i visit BHW, I see a thread of someone that got Banned I wouldnt be Surprised if Somehow Diamond Damien Got Banned(Just kidding Mods), Because BHW Mods are doing a great Job but it lowkey feels like you're Competing with Facebook Ban Bots. PS: Mods dont Ban...
  14. TomTheCat

    BlackHatWorld just banned me :confused:

  15. kikacodes

    Sudden ban on a high follower account

    So a few weeks ago I started getting multiple security pop-ups per day on my account, confirming whether it was me or not logging in from many different countries. As soon as I noticed it, I changed the credentials (Email and password), added 2FA to the new email address and thought that would...
  16. mybank

    what is the best anti detect browser for my purpose?

    hey I am trying create and use paypal,eBay,google voice... accounts (in general any website that have a high security level). I have a dedicated residential proxy, and I need an anti detect browser, what browser is the best for my purpose to avoid get a banned or a limited account?
  17. B

    How to use the same computer after getting banned

    Hey guys, So I just got banned off FB, I don't want to use the method of Multilogin + Proxy. I would prefer to continue to use my original computer but just use it on a different network than the one that got banned. I see a lot of people here going and buying brand new computers and getting...
  18. mnkassier

    How to get traffic to Pinterest banned site?

    I have seen a method in youtube that redirects a url to blogspot site and pinning that blogspot url on Pinterest. I am wandering that buying a whole new domain and doing a 301 redirect will do the trick? Like I am doing 301 redirect domain wise to The banned domain is...
  19. T

    TikTok Banned

    Whats next wave will we surtf? Make your bets!
  20. SeedPhrase

    What the heck happen to TheVigilante

    deadass:eek: banned @TheVigilante AKA bhw bot who will crawl bhw now?:oops:
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