Sources of raw Instagram data on a large scale?


Jan 17, 2018
I'm looking for sources of raw (i.e. JSON or CSV) Instagram data.

In particular looking for (a single place doesn't have to provide all, just any one of these):
  1. list of the usernames of all of an account's followers (or at least a sample of several thousand)
  2. lists of usernames that have liked or commented on a particular post
There's lots of ways to get this for a few accounts / posts at a time but I'm looking for something that can be done on the scale of getting following lists for hundreds of thousands of accounts and post like / comment lists for millions of posts.

Of course this sort of info can be scraped with an authenticated Instagram user from Instagram itself and I know from experience building similar things that I want that to be my last resort.

Perfectly happy to scrape from other sites, pay for services that offer an API / export and looking for ideas / suggestions since I feel like I am barely scratching the surface of my knowledge of these types of services / sites / data brokers.

PS - I'm new to posting here so sorry if I've crossed over any guidelines but I've checked marketplace and there's nothing I can find that fits and I'm not really looking to hire someone to do it per se.
another question, I would love a list of instagram account names + urls from the profile and/or emails for business accounts. is it available anywhere? Im willing to pay.
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