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  2. daktyl

    Social media reposting bot request

    Is there someone who would like to make or collaborate with me to make a tool that can automatically repost content from specific accounts or hashtag ? We could add a couple of features too ofc From what I've seen it's impossible to do it with the api so it would need to be done with a scraper
  3. S

    Selling the content of scraped premium adult websites

    Hello, I am completely new here. I've been doing python since few years, and I have the capabilities to scrape websites for all of their content. This night I have scraped a whole premium Japanese adult website, including every full videos, full galleries, and all the details about each items...
  4. NeoPredator

    Best Scraping Solutions Ecommerce Fitness/Health Niche

    Hello everyone, I hope you're all doing well. I'm currently on the lookout for a reliable data scraping tool or method, specifically tailored for the fitness/health niche. My intention is to collect leads and data from e-commerce businesses operating in this space, with a focus on those that...
  5. dillywilly

    Small Scraping job

    Hello I need someone to scrape CrailgsList titles for certain Category in State/ city and compile the Exported titles by keyword popularity ( i know theres scripts out there already but i have no coding skills to run them lol ) for example title_keyword_1 845 results title_keyword_2 630...
  6. dillywilly

    Reverse FB profile lookup to find phone /email

    Hello Is there a way to search for FB users, phone numbers, or emails by reversing Facebook profile lookups? I'm aware of websites like White Pages and BeenVerified. If I have a list of 100k FB profiles, is there a way to automate this process by using a script to import the profiles and extract...
  7. rubine2323

    Need Proxy advise fot GSA, Webscraping, Xevil

    Hello, my current Tasks are Website Content Scraping(own Tool), GSA, Xevil. Iam currently using since about 2 months stormproxies dedicated rotating proxies which works fine but iam limited to 80 Threads with 70$ per month which i think is quit high for 80 threads at least they work great only...
  8. Ozzyzig

    People Also Ask (PAA) Question Scraping

    This BST will provide you with People Also Ask (PAA) questions for keywords of your choice. Currently, the only way to scrape these keywords is with the use of proxies to prevent a flag from Google, as well as paying for additional software. There is also a time commitment as well when doing...
  9. shabushabu

    Solutions to stop scraper from stealing all my content? (and out-ranking me)

    I don't mind the scraping much, the problem is Google loves him more. His site always outranks me and eventually my link completely deranks to the 2nd page or worse. How doesn't Google realize I published the post first, but most importantly, that Im the ORIGINAL publisher. This guy is...
  10. serpnames

    Bulk Whois/Age Checker? Millions of domains

    Hi, I'm looking for a source where I can get the domain age of millions of domains. I am aware of this service: However, their support is terrible. It's been one month, and they haven't been helpful in setting up a custom plan. Do you know of any...
  11. N

    Is there a way to scrape every Google index?

    Currently I want to publicize a database from a company. all their data is public, but to guess every valid url would be 1x10^83 possible options. So i had the bright idea of doing "site:the url" for that website. This info is denied from the companies API so i thought well if i get every google...
  12. M

    what are the lightest best meta data extractors out there?

    Hi all Does anyone or have a list of the memory light software for scraping a huge list of urls that can run on windows? I have tried 6 software packages. But tend to be bloatware. unstable over time. memory hogs or just not very good at all. Cheers madpro
  13. NeoPredator

    Resigning, 150 million Scraped Emails from Instagram

    Hey, I'm currently resigning from scraping and anything to do with Instagram as I'm moving out of the space and into real estate. I managed to scrape over 150 million emails from Instagram over the last few years, probs the majority of emails available to the public. I won't use this data...
  14. L

    Scraping Linkedin despite the new captchas

    Looking to pay someone to show me how to scrape linkedin profiles despite the new captchas
  15. S

    Telegram bot for adding people from Group A to Group B

    I need a bot that can add members from one group to another. If you have this bot please message me here or on telegram @Stevan00
  16. Caviston

    Goodbye Twitter Scraping?

    Elon Musk just tweeted: To address extreme levels of data scraping & system manipulation, we’ve applied the following temporary limits: - Verified accounts are limited to reading 6000 posts/day - Unverified accounts to 600 posts/day - New unverified accounts to 300/day
  17. R

    Tool Needed: Multi-Instance Android Simulator w/ Automation

    IDK if it's ok for this kind of question. I will delete the post if it's not appropriate. Newbie in BHW. I'm working for an agency and one of our competitors offered a multi-instance Android simulator to their clients, where fingerprints can be managed internally and support simple automation...
  18. GeniusProxy

    How much should I charge to scrape data for a company ?

    Hi everyone, as the tittle said I'm looking to know how much should I ask to a company for scraping social media url of their niche. I guess it depend on the company size but what's the main thing that "boost" the value of your scrap. Imagine I scrap 4k twitter/insta account of the company...
  19. GeniusProxy

    [WTH] Scraper dev

    Hello, I was making a scraping script and I have a problem for scrap a part on the website I scrap. I'm looking for someone that could help me to make the function to scrap 2 informations. Ofc I pay for the Function. Thanks Contacts : •Skype: live:.cid.d34e9bb83b804d2e •Telegram...
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