SMS Phone Verification Set-up For Ebay + PayPal Stealth


Aug 6, 2019
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Hi I'm Temple. My account is relatively new however I've been incognito on the forums for years. I've been doing stealth for a about +5 years and one issue that has always plagued me is the phone set up and verification, so I thought I'd shoot some questions that can help me get a better understanding and more importantly help out some newbies (and senior members) in the process.

Without further ado;

VOIP Phone Verification

Question 1: As of late 2019 are there any working VOIP / Wifi Services that work for registration and phone verification?

Question 2: Is it possible to have a VoIP number registered to; or appear to be registered to a name, address or cell phone carrier?

Question 3: How to deal with VoIP numbers expiring and being reassigned new numbers?

Notes: I'm aware that Pinger, TextFree, Textplus, Nextplus, Textme, numbers have worked in the past but lately (at least for me) these numbers can not be confirmed when paypal ask you to confirm you're number let alone bypass a phone verification when trying to send money. The VoIP service that "Works" sometimes is Textnow, 2ndLine, and of course Google Voice. Pinger was decent for me because your number never expires if you use it once a month, you don't need a phone or a active phone plan to get a pinger number, and probably the best feature of all pinger is 100% free (No credits needed) to call Toll free numbers. So for that reason alone I continue to use pinger to call paypal ebay support when needed. Textnow and 2ndline numbers on the other hand expire in about 10 days of no use, and to my knowledge they do not offer free calling to toll free numbers. Google Voice triumphs in that it keeps a google voice number active for 8 months which is cool, I'm not sure if google voice charges to call Toll Free but for the average Joe just obtaining a google voice number will cost a data plan or a supplier. and if paying for a phone service I'm sure we would all want a real number not one that works some of the time.

Mobile Phone Verification

Question 1: What are some of the more affordable options and services for registering a phone number with data or a plan?

Question 2: What is the most affordable prepaid option and If I do not buy a plan but buy minutes or SMS text will my number remain active forever and/or as long I have still have remaining minutes and/or text?

Question 3: Can I register a tracfone or any other phone service in a anonymous name aka a stealth account, or does all mobile service providers require Photo Identification and/or my legal information to register?

Question 4: Can I spoof the location of a mobile phone with a data plan that I have in my possession? Not for paypal but for true anonymity.

Notes: I once spoke with a guy long ago who I have since then lost his contact info who told me he can bypass a phone verification request by registering a stealth name and I think a voip number to a 411 directory. He mentioned how it worked for him but could take days for the 411 directory approval, and it costed a hefty fee each time. I cant remember the exact details but this stood out to me as unique and useful in times of need. If anyone know anything about this please share with the crowd.

Landline Phone Verification

Question 1: Are there any landline alternatives that working and also affordable?

Question 1: How would you go about getting a landline for a stealth account anyhow and are there any ways of being truely anonymous with it?

Notes: I read on the forums that paypal don't check to see if the names match registration even though there error messages might say this. What I read was that paypal only verify to see if the Zip code matches your paypal account (Do Not Mistake this for Area Code) and this person went further on to say he bypass security alerts on his stealth accounts by calling local businesses preferable gas stations hoping to get a young clerk or employee working the night shift alone or something that would understand his situation and provide him with the paypal code he'll send to the stores number. I still find all of this difficult and hard to believe but I can not say it is incorrect information until proven otherwise.

General Phone Questions

Question 1: When calling support for a appeal, chargeback, limit, refund, etc. Which method do you use to call?

Question 2: How would o should I handle multiple numbers on any given method?

Notes: As previously stated above I prefer to use pinger with Wifi and not just because of the free calls to Toll Free numbers but on wifi I like to use a when calling to further conceal my identity/location, but I'm sure there's more free methods out there I don't know about.

In conclusion Stealth is changing and we need to adapt to the system to maintain an advantage. I can see a huge success coming towards the stealth community but I also see a huge drawback on the horizon and I think it's going to be big but for now lets stick to one topic and address the phone verification issue. I'll talk more about my predictions in another post at another time.
~Temple was here.