1. E

    VoIP termination

    Anyone here familiar with VoIP termination, I want to start this business so any advice, solution and help would be great. (Country: SERBIA)
  2. sdc_

    Fair Price for renting Non-VOIP SMS Numbers?

    Hi Everyone, What do you think is a fair price for renting a USA SMS number? Would you prefer to rent it for just a day, a week or a month? I'm doing some research and wanted to get peoples feedback/opinions.
  3. bitcoin32

    Traffic VOIP

    Hello i find some username and password of some voip user different provider . What can i do is ther any place to makr monay with that ?
  4. P

    VoIP Business

    Dear all, I have a friend who has friend that sells VoIP service in Nigeria, from what I gathered, the guy has his own server and sells internationally. This my friend asked the guy about this business, because he's making decent $$$ from it, but he didn't want to introduce the business to...
  5. leadselleruk

    Voip Number

    Where to buy voip number for incoming call without document ?
  6. hero76

    Need temporary salesperson

    Have a list of clients that need called, must have usa voip and speak clear english. We can do flat $15 for each appointment set or commission share if client is signs up. Commission will be minimum $100 and maximum $250. please msg me with your Skype if interested
  7. Boudyking

    Anyone have idea about Panel4state ?!

    Hi Guys Recently, I joined a site called panel4state and revenueminutes site which give you a lot of phone numbers that receive calls which should had brought by us, this calls is deducted from the caller's balance and it's high cost calls and this company made money from this and give us a...
  8. S

    Best Non Voip Number

    Hello Everyone, I am looking for the best non voip UK no. for call verification. Can anyone suggest me a good seller
  9. T

    SMS Phone Verification Set-up For Ebay + PayPal Stealth

    Hi I'm Temple. My account is relatively new however I've been incognito on the forums for years. I've been doing stealth for a about +5 years and one issue that has always plagued me is the phone set up and verification, so I thought I'd shoot some questions that can help me get a better...
  10. G

    Cheap Voip services for Europe(UK,Scandinavia and some Arab countries) for personal business.

    Hey guys, I am trying to find working VoIP that are purchased mainly by crypto(PayPal is an option also), that works with xlite, eyebeam and got low rates towards the UK, Scandinavia and maybe Arab Countries like UAE. I am doing this for small personal business(call center), actually, I worked...
  11. E

    SMS Numbers that bounce (no voip)

    how is it possible to get a bulk list of inactive cell phone #s. I.e #s that if you text messged, the text would bounce. not VOIP Anyone have any ideas?
  12. P

    Introducing a new member

    Hello beautiful people, I am new to this forum and I hope I will make some lifetime contacts and that we will make a lot of money all together. Have a nice day all.
  13. R

    GOIP monetization

    Hello everyone, we, Onlinesim.ru/en sell numbers for registration in social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Whatsup, etc.) and other sites. We offer those who are engaged in voip termination through goip additional monetization of your SIM cards. Your SIM cards can receive SMS while working on...
  14. P

    I am looking for low-cost telephony provider or any other form of call of low rates

    Hi guys. I am looking for a voip phone provider, the ideal would be to have very low prices to several destinations, which are not gray routes or that later disappear, I do not really care about the route but it does not disappear and we can do business a long time , if someone can provide a...
  15. redhack

    After porting a non-VoIP number to Twilio - is it a VoIP or a non-VoIP number?

    If I port my T-Mobile prepaid non-VoIP number to Twilio, will I still be able to use that number to authenticate online accounts such as Airbnb and Facebook? ...or will it no longer work since web-services will see it as being VoIP? As you may know more and more websites today block users from...
  16. redhack

    Persistent non-VOIP SMS and call forwarding solution

    Been trying to crack this nut for a couple of years now... I have several accounts to a website I use daily. The website requires me to have a non-VOIP number linked to each account. I need to be able to receive txt msgs and have call forwarding functionality from this non-VOIP number as well...
  17. D

    Simple C# / PHP program that works with API

    I need a simple software that works with Freeswitch (a voip softphone) API. Basicaly take a number from (database) collum A call and call a number from collum B. Decent pay for easy job.
  18. Kshetty

    Need did numbers

    Can anyone help me with did numbers For usa on a urgent basis
  19. LandraceAgency

    VOIP Service That Work for Social Media SMS/Phone Verifications

    Greetings fellow engineers and architects, I've been lurking here for months now, and I've finally decided to pop my thread cherry! I did some searching before posting and found nothing being kept current, so my hope is to inspire a dynamic conversation around this topic. Here we go! I come to...
  20. P

    [Free Giveaway] Non-VoIP USA Numbers To Verify Any Online Account

    Hey all, Today I'm here to give free Non-VoIP USA phone numbers to all those people who need to verify their online account. Requirements: 1. Comment on Thread 2. Send a PM and if I'm online I will give you number and you need to send me the code, once I receive I will message you back (If not...