Six Years of My Internet Journey - Not giving up - Motivation


Apr 13, 2019
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Hi Everyone, I just got plenty of free time because of the virus spreading so i decided to give my story about being an entrepreneurship in the internet.

My home country is Sri Lanka (Still Living there) and i just started my online career after graduating the high school. I was so obsessed becoming an entrepreneur(Still i'm).

Started to give a shot in freelancing then i created a fiverr account in 2013. Waited 3 months to get a order. while i'm waiting i learned some adobe editing skills.

First job i got is a photoshop editing task for 5$. Step by step within a year i began to offer logo design services, photoshop editing and guitar chord preparing services in fiverr.

At this period i was studying to become a civil engineer and i offered physics lessons in fiverr. This profile really helped me to get through my hard times in university. Paid myself for everything and i found an another method to earn money by doing youtube promotions.

Fiverr updated there policies and my lessons gig was banned. So i started to give a shot to youtube promotion. This gig gave me a decent income and i was able to buy a new laptop and a phone.
Later on fiverr updated there policies and my level 2 fiverr account got disabled.
This was happened in 2017.

Then i started thinking about alternative ways to become an entrepreneur. I opened a new account to do the same youtube promotion task. While doing that i started to learn about upwork. 2nd Fiverr account also helped me a lot and this time i was developing a backup-upwork. The second one was disabled and this was my time to focus on upwork.

On that time i was graduated from the university so i started to offer my professional services in upwork. Still i have the upwork account with me and i'm so satisfied with the upwork system rather than the fiverr.

Eventhough i have an successful account i don't wanna stop expanding. So started a News Channel ( a Facebook page ,a youtube channel and a website). This is where things got interesting.
Then i started an another facebook page to sell my mom's handmade baskets.

I developed the news channel myself and few friends of mine joined.

Suddenly an unexpected thing happened. After 6 months working together they removed me from admin of the news channel. When i asked from my friends they just ignored me. Got betrayed from my own friends. this happened in 2019

In 2020 ( Present). What i have gain

1. Successful Upwork Account
2. Facebook Page to Sell Handmades
3. New Fiverr Acount

What i have learned

1. Adobe editing Skills ( Images,Videos)
2. Dealing with Clients
3. How freelancing work
4. Never gonna join someone to work with me
5. Never give up the Dream

6. Failure is just a new beginning

Never work until payment is secured
Never invest without guaranteed income



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Apr 22, 2014
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You are very inspirational. I especially like your philosophy to never give up the dream and failure is just a new beginning. It's not easy to keep going when things go wrong and you are a great example of continuing to move forward no matter what happens. Thanks so much for your inspiring words.


Jan 28, 2010
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Very inspirational!

The only thing I don't agree with is 'Never invest without guaranteed income' - this can't get you far in IM. Every investment will teach you something that you will be able to apply for the next venture and eventually, you will succeed. In your case, you wouldn't learn as much if you wouldn't invest your time and find a way to get out of bad situations over and over again.