1. Juhku

    [GUIDE] Get More & Better Clients For Your Web Dev. Agency

    NOTE: This is meant for beginners in the web development space. If you’ve owned an agency for a few years, you probably won’t get anything useful from reading this. I got a bit inspired to write this from the several threads that I’ve lately seen on the topic of finding clients for web...
  2. D

    IG Reels, Tiktok and YT Shorts Video Editor.

    Hey BHW, Trying to find clients for video editing. What are best methods to get clients?
  3. sscaz

    How I Made $75,000 in 4 Months with 2 Projects (Proof of Earnings Included)

    Passive Income E-Book This is a thread related to my e-book, with methods and strategies that are too valuable to share for free and would become saturated if I did. As proof, 4 months ago, I started 2 new projects while writing this e-book, and as of the day I write this (3rd November 2023)...
  4. A

    Fiverr gigs ideas with low competition !!!!

    Hello everyone , I want to ask you guys about some fiverr gigs ideas with low competition so i can have some sells .
  5. sscaz

    [35% OFF + 11% On Crypto Payments] AutoPilot Freelancing - Earn Semi-Passive Income

    ORIGINAL THREAD WHERE YOU CAN BUY (CLICK) Over 19 methods are written in the book. Many of them are passive, and you won't need to touch more or less anything after setting them up. Some of them require minimal time (1-10 minutes), while a few of them require a couple of hours of work in return...
  6. sscaz

    [E-Book] AutoPilot Freelancing - Earn Semi-Passive Income with Freelancing

    Let's go straight to the point. Over 19 methods are written in the book. Many of them are passive, and you won't need to touch more or less anything after setting them up. Some of them require minimal time (1-10 minutes), while a few of them require a couple of hours of work in return for $$$...
  7. InternetPundit

    Drop a Fiverr hack

    What Fiverr hack did you apply that probably made your gig rank fast and make you money?
  8. D

    Fiverr not processing payment

    I'm trying to setup a few buyer accounts on Fiverr. But it always declines payment on brand new accounts. I have tried the following already: 1. Used variety of proxies including residential, dedicated 4G, etc. 2. Antidetect browsers including Dolphin Anty, AdsPower, and many more. Even...
  9. lilkrito

    Help me pick my future freelancing skill (I'm lost between all the skills)

    I'm looking to start to learn a freelance skill that is easy to learn don't need a high PC (I have an HP laptop 470G 16Ram Corei9), and this skill can make money through freelancing within 6-Months after learning, and can make me at least 300$ a month:) !!!!BUT!!!!! There's a problem that I...
  10. Samuel Atkinson

    26K+ Earned Freelance Accounts For Sale

    Hi, Dear BHW Community! Today I am presenting my life chaning virtual stuff to the BHW Marketplace. I have earned $26K+ already from these freelance accounts, today for sale. The accounts aged are 8 to 5 Years Old. As I required urgent money for my life and living. It was expected $15K but for...
  11. woollie

    blogging on blogger and the blockchain to 25$ a day + freelancing on fiverr and upwork

    i plan on blogging on blogger and the blockchain(hive blogs) to earn an additional income with it planning on hitting 25$ day with that with the rest of my time i will try and freelance or learn a skill to freelance(currently learn web dev) looking for thing i can freelance with besides web...
  12. lilkrito

    What after finishing google digital marketing certification !? [Freelancing]

    Hi BHW Community, I finished yesterday the fundamental digital marketing certificate via google (40 Hours Course), and I don't know now what to do next, cause I want to work as a freelancer, so any suggestions or next steps, or any particular skill I need to learn next (Don't need a lot of time...
  13. M

    Fiverr Seller Plus - Yay or Nay?

    I recently became a Level 1 seller and was given the opportunity to join the Fiverr Seller Plus Program. Currently, there are 2 available plans: 1. Standard - $19/ month. 2. Premium - $39/ month. In my personal experience, Fiverr isn't how it used to be once - I hardly get any impressions, let...
  14. S

    When client has unrealistic expectations

  15. andykym

    Is there a Market for this Service?

    Hi Everyone , I am Fullstack Developer and very much interested in SaaS . So I now decided to get into Freelance SaaS Development (I hate Full time job). But I don't have any idea on the market requirement, business stuff and related things . Simply i don't know what are the steps to be taken...
  16. ManageManga

    How do I get my first client on Upwork

    Hello there, I signed up on Upwork and just a few days ago, I submitted proposals on a few posts however didn't even receive a chat invite from any of the posters. Do you guys have any tips on how can I land my first few clients? Also, Upwork seems better than
  17. Influence

    Earning $100,000 From Freelance | Zero to Hero

    Earning $100,000 From Freelance | Zero to Hero Well, the title says it all. A hundred grand from freelancing, that's right. I am looking to utilize some spare time for a big, fun project. Obviously, it is going to require an insane amount of consistent work. I am a complete beginner in terms...
  18. kirbis

    hiring chatters/freelancers

    i’m looking for people who can work with dating traffic to chat for onlyfans for %. only requirement is an phone, helping with everything else. if anybody’s interested shoot me an email - [email protected], will get back to you ASAP
  19. rareunicorn

    Niches for Fullstack Web Development

    I was planning to start freelance web development . I am a Fullstack Dev with Django . Many advised to get into a niche. I have researched on the internet and didn't got anything good so far . So I thought , if someone here would suggest me something. Can you guys suggest me some niche options...
  20. MrStepan

    Starting on Fiverr, Please Post Your Tips

    Hello everyone! I've been designing Shopify stores for a long time, but only for 5 old clients with high demand. Unfortunately some of them are out of business and this led me to start selling on Fiverr. If anyone else is interested in doing the same, I recommend you to use Shopify Partners...
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