1. K

    1 Habit That Decreases Your Productivity As An Entrepreneur

    As an entrepreneur, time is one of the most valuable assets you have. It is also the most limited resource. So to maximize your productivity you need to have good time management in place, which also involves giving up on certain habits like multi-tasking. It may seem like multi-tasking is...
  2. S

    (JV) Looking for a hard-working online social highend apparel, sneakers resellers i have huge suppliers.

    I'm looking for someone who can bring traffic, good cliental I have huge suppliers many different reputable people . The items I can get can be sold as authentic I have done this before. Also please get to me Men and Women huge different items and hype beasts collectors items like Action figures...
  3. C

    Hello BlackHatWorld

    Hello, I’m excited to join this community. I found this website a year ago but have recently been noticing myself coming back to it frequently so I decided to make an account. Also I am a crypto developer who also wants to become a serial entrepreneur if anyone has similar interests please...
  4. Tube Agency

    Is college waste of time?

    I wanna hear your opinions backed by arguments on what do you think is more beneficial in today's world, going to college or self-education - starting some businesses and having some side hustles? I think college is waste of time, you're learning something that was working 50 years ago. For us...
  5. MacArthur

    Brand Mention on Entrepreneur [Top Tier Magazine]

    I want to keep this sales thread reasonably simple. I can help you in getting a brand mention on Entrepreneur.com(US Edition). ARTICLE: The content will be 500 words long about an informative topic; we will mention your brand in 1-2 sentences (Or) We can include the CEO's name along with...
  6. Eholic

    My product + your traffic sources

    I will: - Choose high converting affiliate products - Advice/suggest traffic sources (if you need my advice, it's there) You will: - Provide traffic 50/50 profit split. If interested or have any questions comment below or PM. Thanks
  7. Supuna.j

    Six Years of My Internet Journey - Not giving up - Motivation

    Hi Everyone, I just got plenty of free time because of the virus spreading so i decided to give my story about being an entrepreneurship in the internet. My home country is Sri Lanka (Still Living there) and i just started my online career after graduating the high school. I was so obsessed...
  8. R

    facebook ad videos

    I create videos for ads and other video content too. I have no idea if I can make money with this. any tips?
  9. El Hassen Boulmerka

    Hello everyone I'm new

    Hey everyone, I'm el hassen, an online entrepreneur i'm new to this community Hope to find interested resources. Thank you.
  10. Aztec Silver

    Building Niche Sites For Restaurants

    Hello Guys, I'm building websites for money - how original :p I've built sites for cash before with moderate success. I definitely couldn't quit my job but it was a promising lead. Years went by and more lucrative business opportunities came my way. I left the web dev gig to focus on running...
  11. piyushg

    ⭐ Free Courses - Udemy - Should Sign-Up ⭐

    Hey Guys, So, I've been going through some Udemy courses lately and some of them are offering 100% discount. I was interested in 1 major niche but got free courses for a lot of them. Thought of sharing it here before the offer expires: Here is a list: Python...
  12. W

    Newb* Entrepreneur at a snag

    long story short i have an innovative idea to launch a unique and innovative p2p lending platform, cant get funding..tried EVERYTHING, need a co-founder, need a platform developed..yada yada yada. no this isnt just another dumbass with some idea he thinks is genious. it actually has huge...
  13. Oromissed

    Lost Noobie Marketer Needs Your Help

    Hi all! I am a newbie self-taught marketer who has started his career in digital-marketing 8 months ago. I work as a social media marketer at a startup at the moment (Where I'm quite good at running FB, Insta, PPC ads, creating creatives on Canva and sending usual emails to the existing audience...
  14. UnimatrixZero

    Hello from Australia (BHW SEO Newb)

    Hi All, My name is ******* ********* a new member here to learn, contribute and grow my online money-making machines. Originally from the U.S. now living in Western Australia - using digital marketing to invalidate the constraints of where I may reside geographically. My strengths are in...
  15. Adam Xtubeage

    ImerAmit - Great Deals on Innovative software And Entrepreneur Apps for Marketers.

    Hello All BHW Members, At ImerAmit we focus on great value Internet Software that is competitive. We also pride ourselves in giving superior customer experience. We work around the clock to find the most innovative software, this way you don’t have to spend hours doing your own research...
  16. natedogg

    Business Debt

    What do you think the average small business debt is in the US? I have a feeling a lot of businesses are living above their means with their nice cars and lavish vacations.
  17. natedogg

    Not Good to be Around Family Too Much!

    Came back from a labor day cookout and some family you need to say bye and get out of your life! I'm not the type that likes to brag or compete, but man my in-laws make it so obvious they are jealous haters. I have been self-employed for a while now, and my businesses are growing. Someone asked...
  18. HelloBTCMINER

    Consumer startups are dead. Long live consumer startups.

    Mobile users are so savvy and product fluent these days that they are comfortable using multiple services simultaneously. The average mobile user: 1.Is active on nearly 3 social networking services 2.Has over 4 shopping apps installed on their phone 3.Communicates on 2 messaging apps...
  19. ShiningWarrior

    Any alternate way of Audible Books?

    Hi, I wanted to read some entrepreneurial books to get a better view of how successful peoples looks at LIVES. And amazon audible books are costly. Any free way to get the same books in audible form to listen via mobile or desktop? How do you all read books to clear your mind and to get a...
  20. cblunt1947

    Ebay Journey to $30,000 in Sales a Month

    Hey guys wanted to Document myself ad anyone thats ever thought about making money online, well its Doable. I've been doing this for about a Year so far. All my Accounts are now Ebay Stealth accounts (will not explain what these are as its simple as doing research) I've lost more than 15...
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