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    Sep 26, 2012
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    does anybody know how long it takes to post on to facebook groups with gmail? Because it used to be immediately. Now it seems like it can take hours. Most of the time it is now saying delivery unavailable error POL-6 which is something about the domain i sent is not allowed or something. I was putting my bitly link from amazon assocaites in the shortener so my links come out to be something like amnz.xxxxx and i did that for about a week and banked on amazon earning 50-200 bucks a day. Now i was spamming the shit at one point my email and facebok accounts were both disable for like a day. Then i got to use them again but ever since then it has been taking a while for my post to be posted and when they do get posted only a partial ammount of my groups were posted on.

    Sorry if that was worded wierd but you understand?
    Basically i just want to know how to solve that problem?
    Would best be to just move on to another facebook account and gmail account? I tried that and even my new accounts are doing the same thing. Alot of people said emails to post on facebook groups wont go though if they have links. Bitly links they wont my mine were since they were amazon. Like i said they were working for about a week and stopped. They work with websites to i posted the on my email it went through to test out the theory if links will even be posted onto facebook groups and sure enough it did. Is it possible that i lost this feature because i ahve been posting without anylinks and the same message with the same error pol-6 comes up and that means url problem and there is no url. SO i figured i would use new accounts and same thing. Is it possible they track ips? If so how would i go about changing my ip. I have never done that. What is a vps?