Should I add all my domain names to google apps?


Jun 27, 2011
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I have about 20 domain names, (at least 20 that are registered through GoDaddy; some of which are fairly old, > 2 years and a couple up to around 10 years old.) I also have a Google Apps account (not a business one, but I'm grandfathered into having 50 users before I have to upgrade, etc.)

Since I'm no longer able to keep these domains up to date (in every aspect, like software, content and SEO.) I started to add my main domains to my google apps account. Some of these domain names are linked to other google usernames and it seems like I can't add them until I delete the other google user' connection. These other users are not necessarily Google Apps accounts/users, but things like Google webmaster tools, analytics, adsense, and adwords.)

So I wanted to know if this is a good idea to just add them all to one Google Apps account then delegate access via App's domain management? Especially since I want to delegate control of some of the sites to other people and give these people access to adsense revenue, analytics, etc.

Will doing this cause me issues in the future if I/anyone decides to put a lot of SEO effort (white or black hat) into any of these sites? Are there any issues that I should be concerned about? Especially since I may not have direct control over the people running these, and I don't want to get the domain blacklisted, etc. Or worse yet get the Google Apps Account closed (not that I think this would be a possibility.)

PS, I'm also looking for trust worthy people who may be willing to 'fix up' some of these sites, with regards to current software and/or content. This is just a thought at this time, and like I said, I don't know if this acceptable from a Google legal aspect; or if it could hurt the sites PR if blackhat tactics are used, etc. So feel free to let me know if you may be interested. Thanks!
Does anyone know if there are reasons to not add a lot of domains to your Google Business Apps account? (I wish I had created accounts when they were still free!)
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