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  1. B


    G suite is the application which is provided by the Google apps. Normally, we can say in simple words that G suite is the description of cloud, capacity & mixtures of tools, software & variety which is advanced by Search Engine (Google). G suite compose Gmail, Outlook, yahoo, hangouts, drive...
  2. Bill Huy

    Upgrade the G Suite for educaiton?

    Has anyone how to know upgrade G Suite for Education or has G Suite for education account? Google only permit try 14 day :(
  3. Heroooo

    i want service or way ? want google app account with free subscription

    i want google app account with free subscription Bulk Google Apps checker domain how i can find this domain ! and any one can give me this service ?
  4. L

    Google apps/gmail seo spying. Do they watch us?

    Hi, I use Microsoft exchange for email. I was thinking about making the move to google apps, for several different reasons. I have heard the manual seo checks coming across different websites when sharing the same Google analytics accounts and stuff. I wanted to know if anyone had any...
  5. L

    Email Hosting- Microsoft Exchange Online Vs Google Apps, Alternative for "cloud" hosting

    Hello BHW I couldn't find a better category to post in. Feel free to move if necessary. I was looking into Microsoft Exchange Online for hosting my email accounts. I want the active synchronization. I need a hosted solution that will allow me to synchronize my email AND calendar across...
  6. S

    [Suggestion Needed] - Service on Moving company infrastructures to Google Apps

    Hello Guys, I am an experienced Google Apps Administrator and Deployment Specialist. I wanted to launch a service on the marketplace in which Google Apps deployment/administration and support can be provided to small, medium and large scale companies. To give you an insight, There are lot of...
  7. C

    Can I buy a Legacy Google Apps Account (pre-2012) —*for using gmail with custom domain?

    1) Anyone have an old Google Apps account that they don't need? 2) Can I take it over and change the domain? Otherwise it's $50/yr per user! I just want to use it for a personal domain and don't want to pay anything. For more info, see: support [dot] google [dot] com/a/answer/2855120
  8. V

    Should I add all my domain names to google apps?

    I have about 20 domain names, (at least 20 that are registered through GoDaddy; some of which are fairly old, > 2 years and a couple up to around 10 years old.) I also have a Google Apps account (not a business one, but I'm grandfathered into having 50 users before I have to upgrade, etc.)...