1. fizzapong

    Need Help - How to solve Google Ads and ShareAsale duplicate tracking orders?

    Hi Guys, I have a problem. I have an order in my store. It shows that the first click came from Google. The second click came from SAS. There was a gap of two hours. Which channel should this order belong to?
  2. fizzapong

    ShareAsale - Automated job invitations using programmed scripts

    Guys, I have programmed an automated script. It will automatically help me to invite people to become my partners. It will automatically invite about 200 people a day for me. I'm a brand, is there any downside to doing this?
  3. D

    How to join affiliate network/program without a website?

    I have a strategy for affiliate marketing that I think will work very well, however, I do not own a website nor do I oversee a big social media account. Most affiliate networks require you to own a website in order to get approved (or big social media). My question is if someone knows how you...
  4. ClickNinja

    Anyone know how to track Google Ads on Shareasale?

    I'm simply trying to track which exact (individual) keywords are are converting - so that I can increase the bid on those that convert and decrease (or delete) those keywords that don't. I've seen videos showing this info from within the Google Ads platform, but can't seem to find any about...
  5. Chibimaruko.K

    How much you could earn from ShareASale? What category?

    Looking for the best US based affiliate program for money making. Wondering if you guys are earning from ShareASale, in what category and how much do you earn monthly? Thanks :)
  6. S

    tracking affiliate campaigns on google ads?

    I am looking for a software that would allow me to track affiliate campaigns in google ads. Found few a few trackers which are over complicated, and do not integrate with Google Analytics, so useless as I need to build custom audiences. Planing to run listing product reviews for white hat...
  7. Ultravi0

    [BETA TESTERS] Afflytics - Affiliate Analytics Dashboard

    Hi there, We recently built a SaaS app called Afflytics, which tracks affiliate income by connecting all your affiliate networks on a single dashboard. We are currently looking for some beta users to provide us with feedback. Beta Tester Requirements: - Have one or more active affiliate...
  8. camul3

    Promoting my site with Shareasale affiliate links in Facebook Groups, Is this allowed??

    I am building a blog-style website which will include affiliate links to products from Shareasale. In Shareasale's terms it states: It states that promoting affiliate links in message boards is not allow but what about linking to my legit website with the affiliate links embedded in the site...
  9. Cherry Hu

    Zaful affiliate program

    Do you know the difference between Shareasale network and Firstgrabber when affiliates promote Zaful? 1. the higher payout: Up to 25% High Commission Rate 2.Up to $3000 Possible Sales Ranking Bonus 3.$1000 Perseverance Award
  10. seoxz

    Looking for Affiliate Marketers

    Hello I provide a service online for which I am looking for affiliate marketers to boost my business. Please message me if you are interested. I will be glad to share more details about the business on PM. If you are a newbie and cannot send than just simply leave your skype on the message...
  11. thespecialist1337 I'm a merchant

    Hi, I have a high-ticket wellness product brand thats already a success in the US. We have our own affiliate program and it does okay, but not very good, just 1-2 actively selling affiliates out of 150.. anyways i noticed they seem to have a large network. do you think its...
  12. S

    Best Ways To Earn More Traffics To Your Affiliate Offers......

    We all know Affiliate Marketing is one of the best ways to earn online. No doubt this has been in existence way back in the 90's. However, to have a SMOOTH RIDE as an affiliate marketer, there must be a reasonable amount of subscribers on your list as you promote to them. It narrows down to...
  13. N

    Shareasale marketing

    Anyone can share something about the Affiliate program of Shareasale ?
  14. A

    Tumblr + ShareaSale

    Hi, I have a question related to Tumblr posts. Can I use SareASale URLs in Tumblr Post descriptions or my account will get banned? Thanks
  15. Cryogenesis

    Make your first $25 with no work. - Newb friendly.

    Hello BHW! It's time for a simple money making thread again and this is something that'll make you $25 with zero effort(you only need to create an account). Getting down to it,you need to create an account with Shareasale. What is Shareasale? Shareasale is a Affiliate network like pretty much...
  16. B

    Is deal extreme any good ?

    So I've been looking for affiliate networks and came across deal extreme. I've bought from them before and even though they're not perfect, they're not that bad either and prices are really cheap (+ free shipping) Their affiliate program seems dead though . There hasn't been any posts about...
  17. awingwen

    [ ] seeking for affiliates, up to 30% commission rate per sale

    Hello, is legit ecommerce store, which update the best deals daily on our shareasale merchant account. If you are the one of top affiliates, you can get extra bonus from us. If you are interested in our offers, pls visit our SAS network to get more details. :) Or if anyone has...
  18. awingwen

    Can i post here to find more top affiliates for my Shareasale merchant account?

    Hello, Can i post here to find more affiliates for my Shareasale merchant account? We are legit ecommerce store, but new, we offer up to 60% OFF hot deals,all deals brand guarantee and quality control. and 10%-30% commission per sale. If i can not post the content like this, pls let me know...
  19. Dragon2010

    datafeed wordpress plugin - shareasale and CJ

    I am looking for a plugin/way of adding affiliate products from CJ and shareasale into my wordpress affiliate blog/store. What plugins work with the latest versions of wordpress. Thanks.
  20. V

    Should I add all my domain names to google apps?

    I have about 20 domain names, (at least 20 that are registered through GoDaddy; some of which are fairly old, > 2 years and a couple up to around 10 years old.) I also have a Google Apps account (not a business one, but I'm grandfathered into having 50 users before I have to upgrade, etc.)...
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