Set-up a wiki site for me

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    Jul 27, 2012
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    I'm looking for someone to set-up a Wiki site for me.

    - Must suggest hosting provider with basic hosting under $10/month. I'll then create the account and turn the reins over to you.
    - Must be able to post new articles in easily, by adding a weblink or pasting formatted text.
    - Must be a registration and editing system.
    - Must be ability to toggle articles between locked and unlocked for editing.
    - And finally, changes should go live, UNLESS one area of a wiki has been edited three times. Then this article (or that area of the article) becomes locked for editing and I can make a ruling/final edit as moderator.
    - Must be easy to administer. I am tech savvy and have many other websites, so easy is for someone who can code a decent amount.

    Send me a bid, along with the hosting provider and cost you would use.