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    Benefits of 301 backlinks.png

    benefits of using 301 redirect backlinks:
  3. A

    Wikipedia article

    Looking for someone to help with Wikipedia. Who will help pass the review and approve my article?
  4. vasyatko

    Looking for people who can help with rewriting/removing Wikipedia page

    Are there any Wikipedia administrators available to remove/rewrite one page in 2 different regions with outdated information about a company? Because this outdated information seriously hurts online reputation of the company. I'm not searching for someone who will rewrite it for a day and ask...
  5. vasyatko

    Need help with rewriting/removing (deletion) of Wikipedia page | Ready to pay

    Hey guys, I am not sure if I have selected the right thread; still, are there any Wikipedia administrators available to remove/rewrite one Wikipedia page in 2 different regions with outdated information about a company? Because this outdated information seriously hurts online reputation of the...
  6. N

    Looking for someone to write and publish a wikipedia page!

    Looking for someone to write a wikipedia article and get it published! Must have experience and samples. Must guarantee the article stays up!
  7. nahaczyku

    GSA SER a few issues

    1. SER How to eliminate scraping links from selected domains? * .mee . nu * .ne . jp * .bravesites . com * .jigsy . com 2. Why CMS Pligg doesn't add any articles/profiles at all? Console log 17:47:07: [+] 0102/3347 matches engine Pligg - http...
  8. R

    Multiply Your Wikipedia Links x12

    Friendly tip not to let your hard-earned Wikipedia link juice go to waste. There are many wikipedia 'mirrors' out there that will pass on some precious juice if you can manage to get the articles you are listed in indexed in Google. Step 1: search your domain in Wikipeida's link search engine...
  9. Kimray

    Can anyone help me to create Wikipedia page?

    I want to create a Wikipedia page for my website, anyone here to help me to build wiki page
  10. O

    Wikipedia Organization Page Needed | Looking for the Authoritative Wiki Users

    Hello there! Our organization page has been removed from Wikipedia by some guy and needs to be published again. I'm looking for the validators or just authoritative users to submit our organization listing there from your profile. The project has been in the market for more than 7 years and has...
  11. Zenarus

    Need a Wiki Page published, or IG Verification.

    Title says it all. i need either a wiki page published about an entreprenuer with around 3-4 articles online. or a IG Verification proces.. the WIKI page i need ASAP if u can do it please PM me right away.
  12. U

    Making money with Wiki-style site?

    Hi, I have been working as a freelance writer for a few years now. Primarily for Danish clients. My brother and I are now looking to expand the business, which is why we started researching the opportunities within AdSense sites. As both my brother and I doens't mind writing at all, we want...
  13. M

    Want to hire someone to publish my Wikipedia drafts

    Hello, i have 2 wikipedia drafts completed but i need them published asap, looking for someone that can do this.
  14. K

    How to get a WIKI PAGE about your brand?

    How can you get a Wikipedia page done about your brand? Who can you pay for such a service ?
  15. K

    How to make a Wikipedia page?

    How do you make a Wikipedia page about you're own business or brand? Ive always been interested in how people are able to achieve this when they are not known at all. Any advice?
  16. Jeremy96x

    When you (try to) create wiki link for clients, which is better?

    1. Editing from a single wikipedia account (for all clients) with lots of previous edits and generally helpful wiki behavior. OR 2. Making a new account, clean a few things here and there, possibly adding content (unlikely) and then adding a link. Assuming in both cases the link is relevant...
  17. M

    WIKI Editor

    Hello BH Looking to get a few Wiki articles approved loads of future work, after being live for seven days ill give you $300 per successful article. PM for more info. Kind Regards MD
  18. Vulcanizer

    Any Wikipedia specialists out there?

    Looking for Wikipedia specialists to collaborate with. I'm one of them, but sometimes projects require more than one hand. If you have created Wikipedia pages before, then let me know.
  19. Vulcanizer

    Hello from a Wiki expert!

    Hello BH World! I'm a long-time lurker who has finally decided to join in the fun. I'm a Wikipedia expert who would like to get engaged in the BHW community and meet other great folks here. I do backlinks, multilingual content, and much more, like using residential IPs.
  20. Zenarus

    Hiring someone to publish a WIKI Page that will stick!

    If you can get this done. Category: Business or Entrepreneur Need it also written with native english.. PM Price. ty P.S If you also have magazines or blogs and can publish articles. kindly contact me with info
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