Dec 12, 2019
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We are looking for a programmer/developer that is interested in building a sophisticated bot for purchasing tickets on Ticketmaster and similar sites the moment they go on sale. If you have done work here already, and depending on the circumstances, we would purchase work-product you have already made or build off of it.

There are numerous aspects to doing this successfully; notably, you will need to be able to navigate the web or mobile version of Ticketing sites in order to purchase the most tickets as fast as possible. You will also need to have a familiarity with Distill Bot Detection.

There are numerous ways to build this software which appears as if it is a human and therefore is not blocked -- and there are numerous languages so we will not limit it at this point.

We are not looking for an MVP - we are looking for a very high caliber piece of software and will compensate accordingly. Note that ticketing represents 28% of 'Bad Bot' traffic for sophisticated bots (highest industry) and 39.3% by industry (second to financial services).

Here is how Distill defines some of the tools that we might use:

"Advanced Persistent Bots" which copy human behavior, browser automation and loading, JavaScript and cookie support as well as "have a process for evading detection using tactics such as dynamic user agent and header rotation, obfuscating their origins through Tor networks and peer-to-peer proxies, and distributing attacks over thousands of IP addresses..."

We anticipate this will require the ability to execute javascript, producing mouse movements and clicks deployed against detection methods, and generally will be browser automated software. A solution may require delayed requests in order to stay below request rate limits.

It will not be helpful to simply cycle through IP addresses and switch user agents.

FYI -- the most popular automated tools appear to be:

  1. Generic / Web Drive - 43%
  2. Casperjs - 19%
  3. Kimono Scraper - 14%
  4. Selenium Chrome Webdriver - 10%
  5. Mobile Debugger - 7.5%
  6. Mobile Emulator - 5.2%
  7. Selenium Firefox Driver - 3%
  8. Un-uri econoded javascript Post 3%
  9. Nightmarejs 1%

We take two main points from this:

1. Mobile is on the rise
2. Selenium (FF and Chrome) is also on the rise

We will be taking interest for the next few days here and elsewhere and we look forward to hearing from you.

If you are not an expert in this field, please do not waste your time responding as we are looking for someone with experience and knowledge and not someone to learn on the job.

Best Wishes.