1. A

    Buying my Beatport track 100s of times

    Hi, I am trying to somehow buy my own track on beatport 100s of times. - Since I don't have 100s of friend I can harras for that all the time, that is out. - I saw some online services, but they are charging like 400 USD to get you into Top 100, which I think is too much, since I read that...
  2. ciphercipher1

    GSA Captcha Breaker with Python

    Hello everyone, I am trying to build an account creator with python playwright library. I stumble across ReCaptcha and since I alredy have gsa captcha breaker I would love to make best use of it. I understand that I have to do POST request to the local webserver that the gsa captcha is running...
  3. Minnehaha

    Reddit Bot to create accounts and send upvotes? Looking to buy

    Hi I was wondering if anyone knows a Reddit upvote bot for sale, or any other types of Reddit bots you can buy. also looking for dev that knows how to make a Reddit bot like this. Thanks!
  4. U

    Emulating an Iphone 12 pro for instagram causing lazy scroll issues

    Hey guys, I'm trying to emulate an iPhone 12 Pro to browse instagram. I've tried this method and it works partially but when I'm interacting with a screen that uses lazy scroll it loads new content without scrolling to the bottom. mobile_emulation = { "deviceName": "iPhone 12 Pro" }...
  5. D

    looking for browser automation with puppeteer or selenium

    Looking for someone who is an expert in browser automations with puppeteer and selenium. The automated browsing bot will be integrated with Multilogin and would need to act similar to how AYCD's One Click software does with automated web searches, website reading, youtube video watches. All to...
  6. B

    need help with proxy in selenium python

    have a script for botting in twitter will use proxy along with adspower to mask webrtc running the proxy though code below works fine, am able to test it with and and comes back proxy ip but when i put the code into my script it wont work? using it for twitter via...
  7. T

    Twitter Automation Help

    Hello!! I am new to twitter automation. I created a script on selenium to automate my tweets. It was working fine for me. Then I uploaded it to AWS with lemda because I wanted to increase the number of twitter accounts. I had 5000 twitter accounts posting random tweets but recently 4300 of them...
  8. L

    Anyone have resources or advice for working with Death by Captcha with TikTok?

    Hey everyone, I'm taking my first dive into learning Python/Selenium with making a tiktok bot. Going really well so far! I've got the page opening and login happening. But you guessed it, I've run into the Captcha hurdle. I stumbled upon DBC as a good resource to solve the GeeTest. I've been...
  9. S

    Share YouTube Links or Website Posts to Social Networks with GPT Plugin/Javascript/Software

    Hello everyone, I am looking for a way to automate sharing of YouTube links or website posts to multiple social networks, such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. I am hoping to achieve this using a GPT Plugin, Javascript or Software. I have tried various tools and plugins, but I am yet to...
  10. dillywilly

    WTH small script dev + gologin browser Job ready to start asap

    hello i need a simple script developed where i can add a URL link and it uses my proxies + gologin api to create a profile, deploy profile browsers, load the link, and perform an action delete the browser and repeat this action . it needs to have a simple user interface and work on my macbook...
  11. thelonewold3005

    give me Python Selenium Automation tasks and I will program it into reality for free - giving back to BHW

    Hey I've been working with Python selenium Automation for the past 5 years, I've gotten into know what's a Header, User agent, deep into learning how to copy a legit requests and sending it over and over back. I know where to requests to give me a list of never ending proxies that I can rotate...
  12. S

    Looking for advanced browser automation

    Hi, I am looking for someone that can help me with automating a checkout on a website. I already managed to automate it with Python - Selenium, but my bot is too slow when he clicks all the buttons to navigate through the checkout. To fasten this up my plan was to reverse-engineer the POST...
  13. Jacke met

    why sendkey selenium python method does not work in upload on instagram

    any solution i tried to Make it visible using javascript: and change the type from button to file any suggestion ?
  14. GoblinMoney

    Inquiry on developing a Twitter Mass DM Bot. [Python]

    Hey hope this hasn't been recently answered as I only skimmed the first page when I did a quick search, I haven't done thorough research on this so apologies... If there is an old thread, well there's always updates so a new threads always useful... Just hoping that people could spitball some...
  15. thebotmaker

    [TUTORIAL] Beginners guide to using selenium for python browser automation

    Overview Selenium is an open-source suite of tools for automating web browsers. It supports a variety of programming languages and can be used to automate a wide range of tasks, such as testing web applications, filling out forms, and scraping data from websites. It also has it’s uses as a...
  16. noellarkin

    GPT3 Self-Healing XPath Locators

    I've been trying to use it to self-heal XPath locators for bots, to reduce maintenance time. It gives decent answers, but the issue is feeding it the HTML source - - I've been providing it with code snippets, usually the page section that contains the button I want to get the XPath for, but the...
  17. A

    Short Tech info clips

    watch short tech info clips on selenium, c++, android and others.... some of things are learn radix sort, translate with android e.t.c will add others too....
  18. Mariusaf

    Selenium alternatives

    What alternatives to selenium would you guys recommend for automating social media websites? I have tried using python selenium in the past with a few stealth packages, but they do not provide the flexibility and the amount of "stealthiness" I desire Packages used: selenium-stealth...
  19. H

    Spotify is cracking down on my shit.

    Hello people, I have had a fairly good relationship with spotify back a year ago and scored fairly well, back then I had a very primitive way of farming using just a single phone with no proxies what so ever and looped songs manually (spotify would sometimes break my loops but I still got in a...
  20. H

    Twitter selenium python automation, bot gets suspended after second tweet.

    Simple run down of my script: proxies, spoofed agent, protected selenium, screen maximized. I haven't tampered with cursor movement yet because action chain seems to do nothing. My text varies every tweet, I tweet 1 per minute and the link is hidden with varying symbols and numbers that the user...
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