1. Jacke met

    why sendkey selenium python method does not work in upload on instagram

    any solution i tried to Make it visible using javascript: and change the type from button to file any suggestion ?
  2. GoblinMoney

    Inquiry on developing a Twitter Mass DM Bot. [Python]

    Hey hope this hasn't been recently answered as I only skimmed the first page when I did a quick search, I haven't done thorough research on this so apologies... If there is an old thread, well there's always updates so a new threads always useful... Just hoping that people could spitball some...
  3. thebotmaker

    [TUTORIAL] Beginners guide to using selenium for python browser automation

    Overview Selenium is an open-source suite of tools for automating web browsers. It supports a variety of programming languages and can be used to automate a wide range of tasks, such as testing web applications, filling out forms, and scraping data from websites. It also has it’s uses as a...
  4. noellarkin

    GPT3 Self-Healing XPath Locators

    I've been trying to use it to self-heal XPath locators for bots, to reduce maintenance time. It gives decent answers, but the issue is feeding it the HTML source - - I've been providing it with code snippets, usually the page section that contains the button I want to get the XPath for, but the...
  5. A

    Short Tech info clips

    watch short tech info clips on selenium, c++, android and others.... some of things are learn radix sort, translate with android e.t.c will add others too....
  6. Mariusaf

    Selenium alternatives

    What alternatives to selenium would you guys recommend for automating social media websites? I have tried using python selenium in the past with a few stealth packages, but they do not provide the flexibility and the amount of "stealthiness" I desire Packages used: selenium-stealth...
  7. H

    Spotify is cracking down on my shit.

    Hello people, I have had a fairly good relationship with spotify back a year ago and scored fairly well, back then I had a very primitive way of farming using just a single phone with no proxies what so ever and looped songs manually (spotify would sometimes break my loops but I still got in a...
  8. H

    Twitter selenium python automation, bot gets suspended after second tweet.

    Simple run down of my script: proxies, spoofed agent, protected selenium, screen maximized. I haven't tampered with cursor movement yet because action chain seems to do nothing. My text varies every tweet, I tweet 1 per minute and the link is hidden with varying symbols and numbers that the user...
  9. slippery_slider

    selenium proxy authentitcation (python and firefox)

    Hi. I'm having a problem where i cant authenticate proxy with selenium no matter what I try. I've seen a few solutions, but all of them are GUI automation. Does anyone of you know how to do it?
  10. kohli cool

    python Selinium based Web automation tools (looking for trend/unique idea's)

    hi all, As part of my day job i am creating many python Selenium library based Web automation tools, with and without GUI's for windows machines. Would like to know whats the current hot requirements going on in web Automation side ( among bigger Audience).Any idea's are welcomed. new or...
  11. AlbertWeskey

    Reddit patched undetected chrome driver?

    So I've been getting my hands dirty and getting into botting. Was using a Python, Selenium, Undetected Chrome Driver stack all running through Brave (newb shit I know). Now all of a sudden Reddit won't let me log in through my scripts. Dev tools shows "Uncaught (in promise) Error: User is...
  12. noellarkin

    Rel Xpath (or any other Selector) for Nth google search result?

    So I don't have to use /html/body/div[7]/div/div[10]/div/div[2]/div[2]/div/div/div[1]/div/div[1]/div/a etc etc :)
  13. John Konev

    C# selenium youtube shorts

    Does anyone here has idea how can I get the correct html element for the youtube comment textbox. Tried approaching it multiple ways but seems that I can't get the right xpath of the element that I am looking for.
  14. kerafb

    I Want Paid Support for Fingerprint with Python Selenium

    I would like to get paid support from someone knowledgeable to use fingerprint in Python Selenium. Please, I would appreciate it if someone knowledgeable about this could write to me privately.
  15. 007

    Need Help with python/ selenium & small size browser

    Hi, I newbie in python and trying to make a simple bot, using python with selenium webdriver and I want to open browser in mobile size, but I stuck in coding, I can not make it work so far, I use Brave browser, windows 7 64, python 3.8, selenium-4.1. using python selenium with Brave browser...
  16. b_hatW

    Python script for Data Extraction [1 hour task]

    Python script for Data Extraction [1-hour task] PM me for details, I need it done today. Let me know your price, the lowest price and the highest quality will be going to get the task.
  17. Floccer

    Need help with selenium, headless browser and extension

    Hi I have been trying to build headless scraper with extension. Scraping works well if browser is not in headless mode. Both browsers are set with profile that has the extension installed. I could ditch the extension if elements wouldn't have dynamic variables. I have been unable to identify...
  18. Pesooj

    Paying for Reddit upvote bot development

    We need a Reddit upvoting bot built with Python or JS, that is able to send successfully minimum 12 upvotes per minute, avoiding Reddit detection for vote manipulation. We are ready to supply the bot with high speed residential proxies, Reddit accounts and if needed captcha solving API. To avoid...
  19. h0n3ybadg3r

    Ways to bypass datadome protect websites | Bot for Spotify like music streaming service.

    I struggle to bypass the datadome protecting. The new version of datadome is really restrictive by browser automation frameworks like selenium. I used a combination of selenium and undectable chromedriver .... I´m looking forward to get some suggestion or some tips ... maybe a complete...
  20. P

    How to bypass google captcha enterprise

    Hi, I'm trying to figure out how to bypass Google captcha version 2 Enterprise with 2captcha.