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  1. S

    accessing 'old' version of Ticketmaster

    This may be the incorrect place for this thread - feel free to move it. Ticketmaster has a relatively new version which you can see when you go on and it generally displays seating charts from which you can select. There is an older version where you just put in the # of seats and the price...
  2. S

    Seeking Advanced Ticket Bot Creator

    We are looking for a programmer/developer that is interested in building a sophisticated bot for purchasing tickets on Ticketmaster and similar sites the moment they go on sale. If you have done work here already, and depending on the circumstances, we would purchase work-product you have...
  3. B

    Need a ticket bot for purchasing festival and concert ticket

    Help! It happened again and I am sick of this! I understand that scalpers use bots to buy tickets in bulk, which makes it very difficult for normal consumers. I am not interested in buying 20 tickets for a concert, I just want tickets for myself or friends. I don't use Tickemaster which is why...
  4. J

    Ticketmaster bot

    Looking for a Ticketmaster bot. For both drops and onsales. Only interested in existing builds. Not interested in building a new one. Serious inquires only please. $$$$
  5. B

    Develop a ticket bot for resale

    I'm a successful serial entrepreneur interested in partnering to develop a ticketmaster bot for resale.... Looking for good quality ticket bot and after sale modification....... Only interested in talking to people with extensive experience. Ticketmaster (spinner / scalper) Bot, for the...
  6. LoftPower

    Ticketmaster bot...

    Please, someone can tell me from where I can buy a good Ticketmaster bot? I have now a bot from TicketBots but I need something better. Thank you
  7. R

    Ticket Broker Ticketmaster Axs UK Proxies. Needed. Help with best options.

    Hello, I am new to this forum and have been taking a look around. I must say, this is a very good forum with some very knowledgeable people on board! What I need to do: -Ticketmaster/AXS Proxies/VPNS/SOCK5 (I would like some advise on the best ones to use) - I am a ticket broker buying...