Security implications of unsecured published blog on the web.

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    Hi guys, I have a question about security of unsecured published blog on the web.
    I started few weeks ago, I got standard VPS[CentOS] and created a standard WordPress blog.
    it's not linked with a domain yet, however it can easily be accessed by everyone through typing the IP address.
    The blog I created is for my travel & photography. It is not something "that important" I'm using it to understand, how various aspects of WordPress and VPS itself are integrated.

    I would really appreciate if you could help me understand the risks associated with neglecting the security aspect of the blog.
    1. What is the real danger of neglecting security from business perspective? (What might happen?)
    Is it the content being stolen?
    Is it the spam being sent to my mailing list?
    Is It competition linking unwanted content to my website? What other activities might be involved?

    My current perception of the SEO idea is to "get to the targeted audience whatever the method."
    Thus I'm sure if positioning as number one in SERP is the goal.
    It can be done by organic growth and creating better content, but I think it should be possible to knock the SERP number 1 guy down.

    Could you advise me please on what should I be focusing on while security my VPS/WordPress?
    2. What are the best/must have tools/plugins you recommend?