Royael's Journey to $10000/Month


Sep 7, 2013
Hello guys.

I've been reading a lot on this forum and finally I decided to put up my own journey thread. (Had started a thread earlier but never made it to continue).
So here we go: My goal is to get to $10k a month - with scaling and automating some easy techniques. Moreover I want to outsource as much as I can not to just create a job for me but mainly to build a system which has constant (and passive of course) cashflow.

I don't want to focus on a technique because I want to adopt throughout my course. Therefore, I will start with some affiliate sites and see how they will work out for me in my first weeks.

About myself, I am about 3 years into IM now - and I have tried plenty different ways of getting some money. Some of them have worked, some haven't.
So basically my game plan is to repeat and scale those which worked over a period of a few months / years and see how it goes.

One last thing: I won't post very often, but my goal for this journey is to be consistent in posting and sharing my most recent news with you.

Have set up 1 site today, will search for some Clickbank products to promote and outsource some content for that site.

See you soon.
I wish you best luck, man. I'm happy to see that there is many and many more people trying to do something new.
Thanks very much.

Two days have passed and this is what I have done:
- I have set up the first affiliate site completely (fully designed etc)
- Outsourced 3 articles for it
- Registered on a VA site to get a VA tomorrow
- Have worked about 30 minutes to promote the site

Also, I made my first 25$ with a sale yesterday - never expected it SO fast. I guess I was just really lucky (or maybe not who knows :D) because I just looked into my analytics
and found only 50 visitors on my site.

Anyhow as people say the first sale is the hardest, this motivates me ALOT to continue.

Tomorrow I will try to get some more traffic on the site to look how it really converts for me.
Also I want to solve the problem whether or not I should build only one big site for many affiliate products, or better to build many little sites with only one single product.

I will keep this thread updated.
Good luck with your journey! Glad to hear you made your first sale so fast!
Just curious where is your traffic come from?

I get the traffic from multiple sources. For now I will be getting traffic from Forums, GuestBlogging, Article Submission and MediaBuying.


Thanks everyone! Alright, a few days have passed but I haven't made any new sale yet (haven't promoted my site on my own).
Though, I have set up everything to be automated:

- Bought a VPN Service
- Outsourced 10 Affiliate articles
- Hired a Virtual Assistant (He will start tomorrow)
- Made sure everything is setup for the VA and for me

Therefore I hope there will be some initial sales in a few days :)
If this will be the case, I will start scaling for sure with multiple sites as for now I have only a single affiliate site.

Will keep this updated, as soon I get my second sale.

Income/Expenses for this month:

+ 25$ (1 Sale)
- 280$ (80$ Articles + 120$ VA + 5$ VPN + 75$ Other Expenses such as Memberships etc)
- 255$
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wish you luck on your journey...hope you achieve it!
Congratulations on your first sale. That was a fast one for sure.

Good luck on your journey. You seem very motivated and using your past experience will surely propel you to your goal. Just keep at it!
what does AV mean? - sorry for the question, btw 25 $ comission right at the start very nice =)
This is a good start Royael.

I like the spirit you got there. Don't look back and consider adding some backlinks that will enable the site visitors to help create more and more backlinks for you on autopilot.

That's my 2 cents and am following on this closely
You need to spend money in order to make money, love the way you did it. Congrats on your first sale, you might have been lucky with that one.

just to keep this updated. I still haven't made my second sale yet, but I am pretty sure I will in the next few days.

Although I haven't done any marketing this doesn't mean I haven't done anything. The only thing is that I didn't concentrated
on selling anything for now. This is what I have done in the past 6 days:

- Looked at 40 other VA's, fired my current one and hired two other ones (which do fit my expectations a bit better).
(took me some time, because of the time difference etc.)

- Thought about the automation process of traffic: as I said before I am planning to get traffic from a few sources, some of which
can be automated. I can't tell you in detail about what I have done, but I have been programming crawlers, submitters etc. to fit
exactly to my methods of getting traffic - "growth hacking". This is pretty unique as I think the more uniqueness there is the better the chances are
for a better outcome. Although this seems risky to me (I guess I am the first trying out such methods) I certainly don't see
any logical problems there why it shouldn't work. If this process will be (in some kind) successful for me I will definitely publish
the details about it in the future. - (took me about 3 days of coding, 8 hours each)

So basically those were my two big things I have done in the past few days. My analytics i still showing about 5 visitors a day
on the site - as said before I haven't done anything in order to get new traffic but will start from the next week on. Also, I hope for a much
easier process in the future as I planned all my software in order to be scalable. All in all I would say that we will see at the end of
the next week if all my effort will be paying off because my theory is that if I will make a few sales (my first few) the whole idea will
be validated and I will be able to focus even more on it. If this won't be the case I will just publish the whole idea here (including the software
so you will be able to judge me on which knowledge level I am playing) and let you judge where the error was. Of course I will then just
jump into something new in that case.

I hope the next time I update this I will have something more interesting to tell you about.

Finally. I already thought it would be the end of this project ...
Alright, got lots of new hope. Crazy how long it took from the first to the second one, but hopefully it will be better soon.

Wish me luck for the next sales! :)
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