1. MemeLord

    Anyone making passive money with crypto trading?

    2021 was wild, what's up now? How much % you're investing or is it your passive income source Any suggestion about how much $ you need to make some passive profit ig?
  2. Y

    Games Marketing, android games

    Hi, Hope you are all fine. So I have been making games for some time, but I am really bad at marketing, and actually afraid that after my games being uploaded at google play store, wont catch any attention, even though they are high quality, and I watched some videos where some one did 30bucks...
  3. Charly The Rabbit

    [Journey] - Becoming a profitable Indie Maker

    Hello I’m Charly The Rabbit and this is my journey, welcome :) Indie Maker: Person building a software idea that can generate revenue Profitable: Income greater than expenses The Project Viral Quotes ( will allows business owners to viralize their brands without spending on...
  4. Retus

    How to make some money with spare Laptops or PC ?

    Hello there, i have 3 laptops and 1 pc hanging around in my house and i want to use them to make some money while im at work. (i understand that this is called passive income) Im newbie in this kind of stuff so be easy on me plzz haha I read here that you can set up your computer to promote CPA...
  5. CokeAndCake

    [Guide] How to beat the pros at investing!

    I know this title sounds like clickbait, but it is not. Not at all. I'm not going to show you some "secret", but rather a well established fact: Most professional investment fund managers don't "beat the market". Don't believe me? According to the spiva scorecard 2019 (they keep track of...
  6. SocialNed

    I have $2000 to spend, what should I invest it in. :)

    I have been dropshipping and its been okay, but it's a lot of work I'm looking for something a little more passive sit back and relax kinda thing. Not looking for huge return just $50 a day will do :D Any advice would be very much appreciated as I know there's a lot of IM geniouses in this...
  7. D

    Hello, D1nk here: Big news' soon

    Hi, I do domain sales and make decent income, now I need more of these sale. Get your next website up and running on GoDaddy auctions. Search - klo1(dot)com Suggestions welcome... 1st post.
  8. draco02

    Passive income streams

    What Potential passive (online) income streams do exist? What are the best for a longterm, steady income? Which ideas do you have?
  9. D

    Where can I pay for ads - adult.

    Hey. I have some budget to invest in passive income. I'm already running my ads on FBAds & GAds. Where can I also do it with similar audience quality? (or maybe less). Also I'm doing only adult traffic. Thanks for help!
  10. Vladimir375

    Make money with cpv

    Hi, is there a way to make a solid passive income with cpv? Open for all ideas.
  11. thrbees

    Hello from cold Siberia! (I will share my experience of make money on Amazon)

    This is my first time to be here, I think it will be interesting and useful to learn a lot of new information and of course share my own. I will soon share my story of earning on Amazon and tell you how you can successfully make money passive income. When I add a new post to the Making Money...
  12. JackTheBlack

    Passive Income Ideas

    Hello guys. I am currently looking for interesting passive income ideas. Let's collect some. I always get recommended the passive income videos on Youtube but they are extremely useless. Hopefully you have better ideas! ;)
  13. P

    Poptimize is here

    Poptimize is a advertising network website. We provide ways for publisher to monetize via ad scripts native, pop under, push notification etc. We also provide advertiser a easy access to ad campaign management service. We are new and growing service and expecting high and mighty support of this...
  14. El Duque

    My First serious journey. MISSION: LEARN AND EARN +20$/DAY, then scale.

    Hey blackhaters. All my first letters on the post of this thread will be in red, so you will can see without problem the steps. INTRODUCTION: Since I was 16 I had my own shop online. There, I was selling gold in games, specifically on MMORPG. Bot, multiclients, good scripts and go on, go make...
  15. tar2ed

    [Need Help] Earning Money with Instagram and Clickbank

    Hi guys, my name is Thomas and I am 17 years old and I come from England. So, recently I have a project on how to earn money with Instagram and Clickbank. I have created an Instagram account one month ago about Motivational, Success Quotes. I have currently 1640 followers and 51 posts and...
  16. Maggeren

    Risky Money - Passive Bitcoin/BTC - 1Broker

  17. worldytraveler4

    How Can I Make $100/day Passive

    I saw the thread where you make tons of Instagram accounts and hook it up to OG Ads. I'm planning on starting this project immediately. I'm very new here and I'm planning on sticking around for a long time. I realized $100/day in passive income would allow me to pay all my bills (I...
  18. batiatus

    Translated Content + Autoblogging + Adsense = PROFIT??? ($50/Day Journey)

    Hello BHW. I was searching something on the internet, I found a Non-English article directory, tried to translate the whole page with Google Translate and I’m fascinated by the fact that how good Google translates that language to English. Suddenly I thought that maybe I can grab and translate...
  19. ombrocapelo

    Is It Still Possible/Profitable To Make A Passive Income With Apps?

    Hey I would like to know if it's still profitable to publish/sell apps and make a passive income (5000$ > a month). These are the ways I could think of, but neither of them is really promising: 1. Publish high quality apps and buy ads/reviews/installs to get them trending/ranking and get...
  20. s0cial3

    Niche sites to passive income

    Currently I'm making a passive income(~1.5k/month) with CPA offers and Bing. While spendning more and more time at Blackhatworld my interest in Niche sites keeps growing. Now I finally decided to give this a go. This is thread is to help myself keep track of my progress and sharing knowledge...