research then write content for organic searches for ~150 pages.

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    Figured I'de post here, let it simmer for a bit, and if nothing happens head off to the other freelancer sites for writers. Not sure if anyone here is actually interested since this is not a strict BH task.

    I need stuff written for a new site with a bit of researching.
    Probably about 3-4 paragraphs of highly relevant content per page.
    Number of pages will at least be over 150 since that is already what I have--I need you to expand on this. But they are broken down by 3-4 categories (shop by colors, shop by style, shop by theme, shop by room). There will be subcategories as well (shop by theme-->shop by location-->paris, new york, london, asia, etc.)

    -Generate lists (and sub-lists) for each of the following categories by researching the web (shop by color, shop by room, shop by style, shop by theme). These will dictate the number of pages to write details for.

    -Research keywords for people shopping for art by colors (Besides the usual colors some colors are not obvious like shop by pastels or shop by lights or darks etc.)

    -Research keywords for people shopping for art by room. I need as many as possible for home as well as businesses and specialty businesses. Like living room, dinning room, malls, executive offices, conference rooms, ice cream shops, etc.

    -Research keywords for people shopping for art by styles (this is the bulk of the work. These are art styles like impressionism, abstract, modern, rocco, realism, dada... I need these as detailed as possible.)

    -Research keywords for people shopping for art by theme (Themes, for me, are the main objects in the art. Bottles, landscapes, angels, urban, farm, seascapes, sunsets, etc...)

    -obtain definition of artistic styles with famous key players and names of art pieces and rewrite to be 100% unique to be added to the styles section.

    Not to difficult, but not "article rewriting". So, I'm not sure on price, but there will be at least 150 pages that I have already + research on how new pages + keywords + definitions of styles + the writing.

    Please send a PM on what you can do this for and we'll go from there. Feel free to ask me any questions to help clarify things so we can reach an amicable price.