1. Panther28

    What you should have if you are looking for the best-paying keyword

    I'm always working on improving my niche list, this is one screen worth. I have about 115, so it's defiantly growing in size. I still need to update all the fields with the amounts, as it obviously just comes from adsense. And it mostly hasn't been updated since they brought back in accurate...
  2. L

    People finding help

    Hello experts i need some help guide is there any way from which i can find other country people emails addressunited states who are living in the usa Thank You
  3. I

    Market research tools, what do you use?

    Hey all, what tools do you guys use for market research? Niche / keyword research etc. Anything new that uses AI? I'm looking for sites that can show trending topics, keywords, niches something like zoominfo (bit old now). Appreciate anyone who can point me in the right direction.
  4. L

    I need Help in Rss Feed

    I want to find Free Rss Feeds for a keyword only from usa excluding google , alerts Can some one suggest me any best free tools for this Thank You
  5. N

    Research: Find a few specific clothing items from a pinterest board

    I found some clothes on pinterest that I would like but I can't find them. Basically I will send the photos and for every clothing item that you can find the exact version of I will pay $10. It cannot be a similar item it has to be exact or incredibly close. I have about 5 items. PM me lmk
  6. N

    Find similar clothes/outfits for me to buy from my pinterest board

    Hello! I have a pinterest board with about 100pins of different outfits. I am looking for someone who can go through the board and make a spreadsheet of each clothing item, along with links where I can buy the items (or similar items--in fact I don't want exact copies, would like some...
  7. MrWhite2018

    Please give me feedback based on my new coin research checklist...

    I'm pretty new to the crypto game although I understand most the of the basics. I'm going to wet my feet first by investing into the better coins, and then some top 20/30 coins. I have a budget which I'm going to split into three pots, I'd like to end up looking at the newer coins but...
  8. Caramelman7

    What is SEO Keyword Research ?

    Can someone please explain me what is SEO Keyword Research and SEO Keywords? What are the uses for these ? What are the tools needed to do SEO keyword researching ? Are there free options ?
  9. sklavier

    When starting a new money-making project...

    ... how much time do you tend to put into finding things out, research, etc? Do you put quite a bit of time into that, or do you tend to leap in once you come up with a good idea?
  10. Osemvzegta

    Check out this market Research !

    1. Most people do want Free stuff! 2.Most people don't want to build their own business, but instead they do want the Ready stuff ! Actually, the number of people how do want to work as a web developer is more than the ones how's demanding web development services! :) That's why Guru's...
  11. Uzii

    Looking For Someone To Get Survey Answers

    Hey guys, I'm working on a research project which involves a ~45 question long multiple choice survey involving remote work and personality traits, I've gotten a fair amount of results myself, but would like a larger sample size, and I'd ideally like to outsource it. The demographic can be from...
  12. raiderj

    Thank You

    I've been a newbie for a quick minute and finally dipping my feet into the forums. I've been an addict for 20+ years of my life, wasting away and hustling for money to be well and not have withdrawals. For those who have had or may have that problem, you know what I'm talking about. When I...
  13. ombrocapelo

    [FREE] Instagram Hashtag Research Tool

    Hello I put together a tool à la Taggatory, that helps you research Instagram Hashtags. You can use it to research a single hashtag (e.g. "fashion") or multiple hashtags (e.g. "fashion,photooftheday,beautiful") The site is still really simple and won't suggest you new hashtags or allow you...
  14. S

    Is google maps selling traffic data? Are there any tools/services to find out the busiest streets in an area for market research?

    Hi, I dont know if this is the right categorie for this thread, anyway: We are planning to open an international offline franchise business. Are there any tools/services to analyze google Maps traffic (real offline traffic from cars in this case) for certain regions etc.? For example: We...
  15. M

    Looking for Machine learning + SEO research project idea

    Hi there! This is my first thread. I'm about to do my final year research project. Since I'm a blogger, I would like to do this project related to SEO+Machine learning. Can anyone suggest?
  16. Nicknames

    ⚪⚪⚪ [FREE] ➡️ GO VIRAL ON INSTAGRAM USING SECRET HASHTAGS ⬅️ New Hashtag Research Tool Software ⚪⚪⚪

  17. F

    Need system/software for improving Alexa rank

    I need someone who researches to find the system/software/tricks that websites like alexarankboostup, improvealexaranking, rankstore, etc. use to improve Alexa rank of websites fast and from 999K to 1K and even without sending visible traffic. You can also let me know if you can make a software...
  18. Max Kirschner

    How to not be wiped out completely

    Every time I created something on the internet, it didn't take off. Once I sold an item and then nothing happened. With another endeavour I regularly post content and very rarely people buy. I wonder what I need to do in general to keep a sustainable business. To make the sales not die out but...
  19. Mirkogiovannetti

    [Help] Tool Research Market

    Hi guys, do any of you know a way to see the TOP 1000-5000 keywords searched on google in 2019? I need this data. Are there tools, data, etc ... to know this?
  20. jani

    Nich research and keyword

    Hello, mates looking for some one who can do niche and keyword research for my new site. Pm me if interested with price
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