copy writing

  1. F

    WTH Guest posting on music and tech blogs. Or if you have contacts to have good blogs make posts.

    Ideally you have a history in article and blog writing to promote music or technology. I am looking for someone to push articles I have written into a large amount of music and tech websites. For example: music blogs that have posted rock music. Dm with your rates.
  2. T

    A spam site it copying my entire content, What should I Do?

    A spam site is copying my entire content and reposting it as it is without any changes with a source link to my site. Fun fact that copied article is indexed in google and my original article is not. How can I deal with this, any help?
  3. S

    ✅Well-Researched ✅Superlative SEO Content ❤️ at just $0.6 per 100 words❤️

  4. Raunakdope

    Want a little help in promoting a Video Course in Self Development Niche

    My current approach is something like this 1) I search for "self confidence" on YouTube and look for videos that are uploaded in the past 24 hours 2) Then I comment something like "If you know that you are going to become a millionaire then hit the like button" 3) Within few hours I get like 12...
  5. Davelabsterp07

    Best monetisation method for my Blog?

    I just created this blog that is based on information marketing for people willing to no more about CPA, Affiliate marketing and E-commerce. What do you think is the best way to monetize this site? I have thought about google Adsense, but not sure it is the best choice. Any recommendations please?
  6. Ice Geek

    ⭐ Top Notch Content Writing Service ⭐ Well Research & SEO Optimized | 3 Quality Levels | Starts @ $3

    Skype - Email - [email protected] Order -
  7. DesignatedWriter

    It's Time Someone Start Taking You Seriously: Let Me be Your Designated Writer

    A sale page doesn't tell the full story, but the real proof is in the pudding, and I'm keeping this short. Running a website isn't child's play, and you know it. There are so much at stake; your freedom, goals, dreams, and even the financial stability of your loved ones. That being the case...
  8. speedie

    ✅ IG-Scraping ▶️Email, Full name, Username, and Phone no◀️ ✅Unique for You! ⚡⚡ Boost Sales ⚡⚡

    Let's help you get the email list that matters for your business, blog, and online store. All from INSTAGRAM. Collecting contact information at scale from Instagram is super difficult because Instagram is a tough platform to crack. I will help you by using my custom IG scraper bot which can...
  9. Chafik

    Looking for Native French Content Writer

    Hi before you read ahead post here only, no dm, if I like I'll dm. I need a premium content writer who can post monthly on my blog in french some proper SEO yoast optimized articles about Web Marketing, Strategy, Communication, UI Design, UX Design, Graphic Design, Motion Design, Ecommerce and...
  10. LLboss

    Speedy // High Quality Content - Lightning Fast Delivery //

  11. P

    Content writer Copy Writer

    I'm looking for a professional who can work for me on a regular basis like daily and deliver me content within a stipulated time and available to me or reply me instantly because I have a lot of work If interested, please revert.
  12. M

    Hi Everyone!

    It is such a pleasure to join this knowledge sharing forum for SEO and other relevant topics. A brief background about myself, I am a network engineer who plans to have my own income through IM. As of now, I am in the early stage of my journey and I am looking to drive more traffic to my...
  13. santhej

    Web Content Virtual Assistants - A Dedicated Content Writer For Your Business At $0.83/100 Words

  14. life2ifeless

    Selling sales copywriting (direct response) on BHW?

    Hi guys, I noticed on most sellers in the marketplace are selling blog content or articles type of writing. Why aren't more sellers selling sales copywriting, like direct response emails or squeeze pages sales pitches?
  15. Riddler Rambo

    hi, new here not newbie!!

    Hello there I am a student I am a content/copy writer a web designer and web developer I have been doing my freelancing since last year One of my friends told me about this place who is also a member here So please for any writing work and website creation or web applications creation Thank You
  16. - WSA - WordSmith Agency

    Thoughts on WordAi

    I'm thinking to purchase WordAi. Do you use it? If yes what kind of other spinners do you use? Is it worth it for money site or for Content In general?
  17. jedediahd

    Elite Content Written By Native English Speaking, Educated Professionals - Reviews Available

    We provide elite content that helps you rank and bank! You can see how happy our clients are below! We have now added specialized press release writers and can craft quality press releases at our standard rates Automated ordering: - includes...
  18. uristjack

    I'VE BEEN TRIGGERED: 6 Psychological Buttons to Push For $$$$$

    I'VE BEEN TRIGGERED: 6 Psychological Buttons to Push for $$$ Let me tell you a story. You're writing copy for your newest website, You're making some sweet, sweet SEO + Affiliate Marketing money. It's nice. But not enough. So what do you do? You hop onto BHW, hoping...
  19. content plaza

    content plaza - Certainly, a solution for your Every Writing need

    Troll into our top-notch quality and affordable array of writing services below! Our creative writers are experts in coming out with words that are empowered to connect with clients. We assure results with our blogs and every sort of content. Candid Benefits by Working with us: - Coming up...
  20. cobaltblue87

    Giving Freebie Articles 500 words and below

    Hi all, giving freebie articles for a limited time. If you've received something free from me in the past, don't even bother. It is for new individuals. Will give to anyone over 40 posts. Post in thread and I'll send you a PM. Respond to that PM, with niche/keyword/density and other specific...
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