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    Hello everybody,
    i have been doing a lot of keyword research lately in search for a niche i can monetize, have been using shaun marrs keyword research guide mostly and i found a niche that i might be able to perform well on.

    the URLs ranking for the keywords have low UR (under 20) for the most part but medium DR(40-60), very low amount of backlinks (no BH seo i think) plus very low keyword difficulty on ahrefs, kwfinder, semrush (under 15), professional reviews in competition.

    the domains i'm gonna compete with mostly appear in the top 10 of all the keywords, but with different URLs

    i see the favorable metrics like UR and the keyword difficulty and think i can rank in the top 10, but i dont wanna spend money without being more sure about the viability of the niche.


    1. any other signals regarding difficulty of keywords that i have overlooked?
    2 is this a good project for a noob with less than 300 dollars of funds and no experience with IM?
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    Take into consideration the DA but also the PA of the pages too.