Recent Google Algorithm Updates ~ Keep eye on it!

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    What Recent Google Algorithm Updates you might need to know ?

    Going by the recent index changes as well as refreshes, one should expect a better experience with Google. We have several of them such as the Exact Match Domain, Mobile Friendly Update and Google Panda Update. There are 3 other Algorithm updates which have been undertaken by Google in the recent past which we are going to look at.

    Monitor Your Website’s Traffic


    One of the most recent tools developed by Google is a tool known as webtexttool.You will basically have an account that will help you to optimize and at the same time, keep tabs on the traffic in your site.

    For many people who use SEO, there is a complex and expensive issue of analyzing the content and flow of traffic. Thanks to the Google Algorithm Update, it is now easier to do work on your content through optimization. The tool comes with a 30- day free trial but that is not all. You will be able to have Real-time SEO Optimization.

    The tool makes it easier to carry out the Keyword analysis, track rankings and SEO scores. Having an extended Knowledgebase SEO is something everyone would look forward to. Lastly, you will have better plug INS such as wordpress, Joomla and Drupal, all at hand to better your experience when using Google.

    Beef Up Thin Content

    You might have heard about the Fred Algorithm and wondered what it means. Well, the new update is more about the ad-heavy as well as the sparse-content. Google is serious about changing the kind of content and anyone working online must ensure that their sites have well written content which are deep and addressing the relevant issues at hand.

    There will be a website auditing tool to help one gauge if the content they are looking at is high quality or low quality. User satisfaction will be based on the bounce rate and session duration. The low word count will not necessarily be used to judge whether your content is thin; rather it is the question of whether the few words that you have written actually answers the question. This, however, should not be a reason for you to fill up a short page with links.

    There are those who might be affected by the changes and may end up demonetizing their sites and removing the ads from their sites as a result of low traffic but this would not be necessarily. As long as you adhere to the word count and quality pages, you will be good to go.

    Prioritize Mobile Experience


    Google has really made a push to all the sites to provide their visitors with an excellent mobile experience. The mobile-first is one whereby the Google crawlers give preferential treatment to the mobile sites in contrast to the desktop sites. As such, the indexing will change based on these sites.

    The mobile-first by Google has caught many sites unprepared for the indexing such that there are over 70% of the pages which are not mobile-friendly .Just to be on the lucky side, make sure that the mobile and desktop pages match.

    Analyze the site and see the results after changing similar errors we are effecting!