RDP(Remote Desktop Protocol) Renting Access

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    Hey there guys I want to start "renting" RDP access to users. I have to buy dedicated server from someone like OVH or Hetzner (I had some recommendations) and think they will do. Now In order to be able to do that i have to teach myself about windows I guess mostly command line. I would like to ask if someone can direct me to some good tutorials that will help me to "upgrade" my Windows skills, at the moment I am somewhat familiar with command line and I'm able to perform simple actions but I never managed remote computer and I don't know what issues I should expect? I'm open to all suggestions and ideas fell free to shoot. I'm using RDP myself and i know how it can be frustrating when something is not working properly or isn't working at all so now I wanna be able to have RDP where I can be able to deal with the issues directly and want to rent it to others as I already declared. Thank you for your time