Question: YouTube Bot - Comment Posting Limits

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    I designed a bot that uses the YouTube API to find targeted YouTube channels and then post a comment to their most recent video. I use 6 different google developer accounts to find the channels, and then I use the developer account of whichever account is posting comments to actually post the comments through. The program finds about 10k channels a day, so with 35 accounts posting comments, each account posts about once every 5 minutes. I spin together a bunch of random parts to form each comment so there are a little over 1 million unique comment combinations. The problem I'm having is that Google keeps banning the accounts that are posting the comments, and I'm not sure why.

    My thought is maybe because each comment contains the same URL.
    Or perhaps because all of this is running off one IP.

    Any thoughts on what I may be able to do to keep my accounts from getting banned?

    Thanks so much.

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    Two things...Your IP like you said and the same link over and over. Use the URL of multiple Google plus posts. They seem to be the only URL's that stick.