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Discussion in 'CPA' started by P.Rice, Oct 27, 2012.

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    CPA campaigns say that multiple leads from same IP won't convert in money anymore. So basically one IP can do only one survey per 24hours! So if that IP will make 10 surveys that will corespond to my account,I will be credited only for the first one, because only one survey per IP per day allowed! Now the REAL question is :

    - if this IP will complete one of my surveys, then will go and make a survey that will correspond to an OTHER account( not mine anymore,so I won't get the money for this one too ) , then that acc's owner will earn too ??

    - but if the SAME IP will go and make everyday the same CPA survey( that correspond to the same account), then that acc's owner can get banned ?

    Thanks alot! :)
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    Don't quite understand what you're trying to say so going out on a limb here. Cpa networks don't normally allow multiple submits on the same offer from the same i.p due to fraud! You could be asking someone to complete offers for you which is against most cpa networks ToS. Hence they only allow 1 offer per i.p every 24 hours. As for the second question about the same i.p doing the same survey once every 24 hours then I'm not to sure. I mean there ToS say they allow this as it may be a returning customer, i know on my site I have a few returners due to the niche. But if it was everyday for a month I'd suspect the cpa network would possibly become suspicious..