1. G

    [ Journey ] Going to 20$ per day ?

    Hello guys ! I would like to post here my journey and , if possible, to get some help from some more experienced people. I started my CPA Marketing Journey 3 months ago, with MaxBounty. I chose to promote surveys because I thought that it would be easy to do so, and now I also think that. I...
  2. Muhatrima


    I have been Hearing a lot about CPA and seeing some sites lock content behind surveys and what not. I am here using Youtube With No ADS, All it takes is 2 seconds to wait and click the Skip add button but i can't stand that thing, Then I see these CPA posts and guides in here or in some sites...
  3. dadyyanki

    Help for proxies

    Can anyone tell me about how to choose proxies for cpa marketing and survey completion? Where to get appropriate proxies Please help me
  4. Kelsi Ivanov

    Ways to make affordable income online?

    Hey guys, i have recently lost my job due to the pandemic and I have been trying to make a side income to support my self in the mean time. I have looked into stock trading to help make a side income but i want to check out things where I dont have to invest my money (or too much money) to make...
  5. BeDoo2000

    RDP and resedintial IPs surveys

    Do anyone tried to work in Swagbucks or Amazon turk or any related site using a residential ip or RDP that changes the ip to American one
  6. Mr.T

    Suggestions on sites that pay for Surveys

    Hello group, I am thinking of doing some affiliate marketing for Survey Sites, my target group is Albanians which I will market the offers and make them Sign Up and get paid for this by the survey site. Also if you have other options that can get me paid for this specific target group than...
  7. B

    Payed Surveys???

    I'm interested in a method where you post on craigslist or some job site and then once the person wants the job you tell them to fill out a survey. ive seen that you can get like 2-3 dollars from each person. Now here is my question. where can i sign up to get a link to a survey. ive looked on...
  8. L

    What proxy to use for survey sites?

    I stumbled upon this thread over here: And the method sounds, exactly what I'm looking for. But before proceeding, I need a proxy. I'm a bit confused on what kind do I need or maybe someone has...
  9. cronocr

    Is Pollfish scam? Any idea? Meanwhile the same apps are producing money from regular Startapp ads. Human support forwards me to their useless FAQ and closes the chat. User logs show "Quality" on the Disqualified Reason column most of the time, but...
  10. L

    Method for beginner - make your first bucks (15$ per day!

    This little guide is for newbies who want to make some quick start-up money. You can make about 10 - 15$ per day with this method.You will only need the following setup: Requirements: Facebook Account 1 - 2 hours This should be no problem. Now let's start: First, you will need a niche. In...
  11. Elin Dotsya

    Man, I thought I was beyond this...

    So I'm playing an online game, right? Then some guy asks, "So what do you do for a living?" and I'm like "... I get paid to do surveys." He replies, "that's not a real job, though..not a respectable one." and I say, "but I still make money by marketing." and he's like "So basically you are a...
  12. echahmed

    BEST aff network for make money online(niche) or surveys offers...

    Hi guys, I just start a new website in "make money online" niche and I want to know which network is good for that kind of offers (like make money apps and earn money while watching videos or listening to music and stuff like that).
  13. FailafterFail

    [UK ONLY NEWBIES TIP] How can you do 2 , 3 £ daily?

    Hello I`m posting this short thread for people who don't have the start-up cash for their ideas. Qmee - Google it . It's a survey website , but you can earn when you`re searching something on ebay, amazon, yahoo , bing , google . Also they have well paid surveis like 0.5 £, 0.7 £ for a 20 minute...
  14. kokorase

    10 Best legit, tested, high paying Inboxdollars altenratives

    Guys I'm not sure if this is the right section for this topic, please notify me or move it to the correct section if I'm mistaken. If sites like (similar to) Inboxdollars and Inboxdollars alternatives are what you are looking for, then you are in the right place. Not just sites like...
  15. L

    Perfect Method for newbies! - 15$+ per day (reddit)

    This little guide is for newbies who want to make some quick start-up money. You can make about 10 - 15$ per day with this method. My English is not perfect, becaue my first language is not english. OK, here we go: Requirements: Reddit account older than 1 month, if you don't have one, you...
  16. seedjose

    I am looking for people residing in the United States

    I am looking for people residing in the United States to create a package of accounts in a survey application. Since I am from Venezuela, I can not create them myself so I need someone to do it for me, interested to write me by MP.
  17. seedjose

    Quickthoughts Its a good app

    quickthoughtsapp (Surveys) I need help to register in this app, is a good app to do allot money, i try with much vpn but dont work for me, is a android app. Any ideas? Im From Venezuela.
  18. 2colt5

    (METHOD) Simple $10-100 Per Day!

    Hello everybody this is going to be a thread for all the noobs out there who are struggling to make their first money with internet marketing. This is the exact method i used to make my first money, and am 100% sure it will work for you also. I call this the job method. Everyday millions of...
  19. amiciusqueadfinem

    Survey bot

    I'm wondering if its possible to make a bot or program able to detect and bypass security and human checks such as captchas when taking paid surveys..If not, tell me your argument of why its not possible.
  20. J

    Making money with surveys?

    Can you make a decent income filling in surveys? Is there a way to automate this?
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