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Discussion in 'CPA' started by blackhaze, Mar 20, 2011.

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    I am a SEO guy and everything i do has more or less to do with getting sites and keywords up in Google.

    So i was trying to do CPA again (after some awesome threads here in the forum)...and i am especially interested in simple email/zip submit.

    I am already with neverblue, maxbounty and now with Peerfly.

    You cant do twitter marketing, and i am also not doing Adwords this leaves me with SEO again.

    Problem is that for most of the submits the keywords are really TOUGH.

    I remember a couple or so years ago for example "best buy gift card" etc. was still doable, but now you can forget it. The last google algo change brought a LOT of authority sites up again and its impossible to out-rank them.

    Problem is the submit offers are kinda limited and i really have troubles finding good HIGH SEARCH VOLUME keywords with decent ranking chances.

    How do you promote CPA submits? Any tips?

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    Don't try to target "free ipad" or any shit like that. You can put CPA ads on ANY content and they will convert to some extent. eg. if you have a pop music related site, you can have a fair expectation that if you offer CPA ads for free Ticketmaster tickets or free Nike vouchers, someone somewhere along the line is going to sign up.

    You have to offer multiple (rotating) offers that are tangentally related to what the site is about. You don't need super targeted traffic like you do when trying to sell paid, credit card required offers.
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