1. K

    I need a good e-mail submit program that is actually Paying.

    I have a blog with around 40-50 000 uniques a day. Is in the adult niche so i need some dating or porn sites that pay per e-mail submit. I think i have a way to make at least 0,1% of these people to actually sign up and that is 40-50 $ minimum daily. Any help will be appreciated. Best regards
  2. B

    Promoting CPA (white hat) w/ SEO

    I am a SEO guy and everything i do has more or less to do with getting sites and keywords up in Google. So i was trying to do CPA again (after some awesome threads here in the forum)...and i am especially interested in simple email/zip submit. I am already with neverblue, maxbounty and now...
  3. V

    How do you guys make people do email submits?

    Hello guys. I am new to CPA, but i know what it is and so on, maybe you guys could tell me how do you make people to submit their e-mails? Maybe you know any good tips or advices you could give to me? Also i was looking for methods on CPA, but couldn't find anything about e-mail submits, maybe...
  4. V

    what to do if i don't have enough conversions

    hey everybody, im new here, but i have been reading as much as i could for the last month, but i havent been able to find an answer to my prob. so anyways, im doing a cpa offer with iframe (email submit) and basically i don't want to get banned because my submits are not converting at all...
  5. mystery

    Popular E-mail Submit Offers

    I'm trying to determine which email submit offers are the popular ones, that have been around for a while and will continue to be, if not in network "A", then in network "B". Frankly, sicken tired of offers going off a network and never to be found again in other networks. I prefer working...
  6. L

    Joint Venture - CPA, Leads and Email Submits

    Im looking for established members that are already accepted to a lot of networks. I can complete CPA, Leads and Email Submits and some Paid Affiliate offers. Im from the US & I Have access to a lot of wifi spots ;) Looking for percentage. Lets discuss.
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