1. Karlsson

    RIP Peerfly. Shutting down on July 31st

    Just received this e-mail: Hello Ken, After nearly eleven wonderful years, PeerFly will be discontinuing normal operations on Wednesday, July 31st and will be closing the PeerFly Affiliate Network. While this was a hard decision to make, we wanted to do it while we still had the opportunity...
  2. Visual Eagle

    Peerfly changed to HasOffers - My CR down 100%

    Anyone else experiencing this? I also stopped getting replies to my emails when I confronted the issue about what is going on. They explained why they switched to hasoffers platform to "improve" things yet they broke what they had working perfectly fine. Or is it just me that is affected? They...
  3. DTjai

    Getting an error "A click could not be found; userXXXXXX"

    As the title says, I am trying to promote a peerfly offer and tracking it through bemob. However, using the test conversion wizard I get a "A click could not be found; userXXXXXX".. does anyone know what the possible cause is and how to fix this? I'm trying to use popads if that matters as well
  4. M

    Anyone familiar with peerclick

    hello guys I'm working on CPA products for companies like maxbounty peerfly and clickbank and i made some fb ads and pop ads and google ads and returned with zero profits so please if anyone got an idea or a method please help a brother out i paid like 20 $ for just a signup single tab and...
  5. geekhob

    Need Advice About CPA (Peerfly)

    Hello guys, i have a mobile review and gaming blog, i want to monetize it with CPA offers, and am using peerfly, i need your advice as am new and don't have any clue about CPA. Thanks.
  6. Heiko

    Media Buying & CPA - Questions

    Hello all! This is my 3rd time trying to start media buying with Sweepstake Offers, Surveys & even some adult. I never had a positive ROI because i simply gave up to fast. I know that it's all about consistency in CPA and Media Buying but i somehow always lose motiviation. I was trying 2...
  7. Rakesh chauhan

    Peerfly Affiliate Link not opening?

    I search few Offer on Peerfly to promote but whenever I try to open my affiliate link by myself it’s not oppening. What’s wrong with my account?
  8. beachboy6029

    Need help Peerfly !!!!!

    I'm a Peerfly member and I use a lot methods to bring leads, But I really have no Idea why I get a lot of clicks without any leads, is Peerfly Shave ? please tell me it really disappointed me, Thanks!!
  9. H

    Hello Online Genius

    I Am Anif.. I am a Affiliate Marketter..
  10. djsobuj

    Help me about peerfly approval

    So I get an email from peerfly and they ask me reference of a cpa site where I earn at least $500 and my affiliate manager email address. I sent them the details. And peerfly connects with my affiliate manager. I asked my affiliate manager and he said peerfly asked him if I earn $500 from...
  11. Sheraz Ali

    [Need Help]I want to make money with gaming neche (Youtube Videos) + CPA (Maxbounty + PEERFLY)?

    Hery BHW, I have maxbounty and peerfly account and do not find any way to promote the offers i also have very small budget to run a paid campaign on a network but i do not satisfied on which platform i have to advertise. Now guys i do not want to waste your time to read my text i want you to...
  12. F

    ppv with less deposit

    hi i know that i should consider ppv networks that converts well and not with less deposit but i'm new in ppv and i want to try an offer for peerfly and i have just 50$ on my paypal so i'm wondering if there is a network who can accept 50 buccs as a minimum deposit for ppv lead impact traffic...
  13. K

    Why so many restrictions on promoting in Peerfly?

    You aren't allowed promote an offer this and that way, no email marketing, no forums, no links in comments.... That's plenty of restrictions. Why? If I don't spam, why not? 1) Do they really penalize those who promote using some of those methods? 2) What free methods that they allow would you...
  14. ShiningWarrior

    Any less strict and good network like Peerfly?

    Hi, I'm already in Peerfly but they are a bit strict on traffic source like they do not allow traffic from forum posts, blogs, twitter, classified ads and FB groups that you don't own. It's totally understandable because they are one of the biggest names in the affiliate market and I can't wait...
  15. S

    Questions Regarding Peerfly

    Anyone doing peerfly 1 Page email submit offers ? I choose one such offers and sent targeted traffic. So far my stats are ~4000+ clicks on the offer but 0 Conversions. When i tried to see what's the problem with the offer and went onto the landing page using a VPN and submitted an email. The...
  16. L

    Step by Step Guide for Beginner (reddit method)

    This little guide is for newbies who want to make some quick start-up money. You can make about 10 - 15$ per day with this method. My English is not perfect, becaue my first language is not english. OK, here we go: Requirements: Reddit account older than 1 month, if you don't have one, you...
  17. kerman lagueux

    I have $2k/week, trying to make money on CPA, mobile CPI, and other stuff

    As the title says, I have $2k/week and I'm trying to make money on CPA (Peerfly, Maxbounty) and Mobile (MobAir). I'm also interested in viral marketing and re-skinning apps. I'm trying to get more deep into this, what are your suggestions and are there are any other -better- ways to make money now?
  18. Luka19

    [METHOD] Pinterest Group Boards Strategy – Make 300-500$ Daily [Real Example]

    BHW gave me a lot. I think it’s time to give this friendly community back something that I’ve learned during these four years, so today I’m going to share one of the easiest strategies you can use to earn minimum 400-500$ daily with Adsense (Not only with Adsense) It’s no wonder that you can...
  19. mysteriox

    CPA JV - I Have many cpa networks accs - 70/30

    hi there, i have unused cpa network account that i used years ago. some has earning some not. im looking someone who can drive conversion there. I prefer with someone who is using WH tech and has already profitable campaign running. its long term jv and i accept certain numbers peoples only...
  20. Kar Merrys

    Bing and Adwords Free marketing Tips

    Hello just watch this videos for starting cpa marketing from today. ***Here is The Free videos and more info you need to ad me at sky pee :joshmerrys
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