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possible money making?

Discussion in 'Affiliate Programs' started by jordanmaggs7, Dec 28, 2015.

  1. jordanmaggs7

    jordanmaggs7 Registered Member

    Dec 27, 2015
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    hello everyone :)
    im new here and have been reading a lot over the past week about affiliate marketing (particularly adult webcam) and the whole PPC thing.
    now heres my theory...
    if i make a website and throw in a nice design etc and some webcam videos, join an adult affiliate PPC website then post the unique URL/ad they give me in the videos/descriptions blah blah so no matter where they click theyll be re-directed to the website that im advertizing.. once they click, i get paid $2,$3 or $4 (depending on where i go) so... if im able to get 1 million (for example) unique traffic to my website and hopefully at least 6/10 of them will click the link and i should be paid $2,3,4 for every click...

    thats over $1million..

    im struggling to find a reason why this wouldnt work. please, somebody give me a reality check!
    "if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is" comes to mind i think lmao

    as i said i am new to all this so i probably have got something wrong or the answer is something simple, no hate please im just trying to make some pennies like the rest of us :)
    thanks in advance, Jordan
  2. lavahotdeals

    lavahotdeals Newbie

    Jan 1, 2016
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    yes, it will work as long as you have such traffic. with 1 million unique traffic, any website will make a decent money
  3. samifordnet

    samifordnet Regular Member

    Nov 24, 2015
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    Self employed
    Middle Earth
    If you can build a website that generates 1 million viewers you can make money in hundred of ways. But it must be your own website. You cannot use any third party sites for your ppc campaigns.