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  1. P

    Google Ads for Youtube <<Overspending>>

    So, I have Google Ads account, where I load money and run ads. Ads are all whitehat, and I am paying via valid credit card / debit card, so suspension for payments / circumventing etc is not a concern. Now what I want to achieve is, I want to overspend the limit. For instance, I load the...
  2. M

    Looking for Someone to create Churn and Burn Accounts for me | Continuous Basis

    Hi, I am looking for someone who can create solid churn and burn accounts for us. (Threshold / Invoicing / Grants), anything shall work. PM to discuss further, if you can do this. Thanks
  3. smit007

    Hello everyone

    Hello BHW people, am new here and looking to learn blackhat PPC tactics mainly.
  4. ProfessorBlackbeard

    HELP: Suspended account - Using legit card and company details

    Hello fellow Blackhatters! I'm in need of some help, I live in Sweden an i'm creating new accounts for a Malta based company using their payment creditcards, their company details and so the payment country is set to Malta. But it's all legit info with legit CC's. Although I'm based in Sweden...
  5. SEO-TechGuide

    Is pay per click PPC right for Business in 2020?

    Pay Per Click in 2020 is expected to be higher as the number of small, medium and large PPC management service providers arises in the digital world. These PPC ads can be shown on websites, blogs, and youtube channels and here the advertisers pay only when the ads are Clicked. So for those...
  6. T

    The new guy...lol

    hi there BHW......I've been here before but didn't take the time to sign up, so i did this evening,I always found good stuff here, I'm interested in many things on "How to make money online" but i haven't made a dime yet. That's my main goal, to make money online, haven't quit yet. First of...
  7. Mehrtab

    Looking for Google Ads Black hat Campaign Manager

    Hi, I am looking for an expert to run campaign for lottery scheme, google suspended almost my 10 accounts with different billings, IP, MCC, Individual Accounts, Fresh Gmails, Old Gmails, Anything else i could try, have done but all in vain, i am wondering why google suspends my accounts while...
  8. imonboss

    Create Amazing Landing Page or Website for free

    Know That I am in no way affiliated with them! Received this email TODAY! New free and simple website builder We're excited to announce the new updated Beta version of 8b Website Builder, simple online website builder that lets anyone create fast, mobile-optimized, secure and Google-friendly...
  9. J

    Adult PPC Campaigns Manager

    We're seeking an experienced advertising manager for our used underwear marketplace: The platform is already fairly successful with a good amount of organic traffic, however, we're now trying to identify and explore other advertising avenues. Their role would be to identify platforms that we...
  10. vinn12

    Google Dynamic Ads Vs Regular Ads

    Hello Fellas, I have been working on regular ads for quite a while ,Now planning to try Dynamic Ads as well So, I'm seeking views of all the respected PPC veteran's :) here on BHW. Here are some of points that comes to my mind before diving into Dynamic ads :- #1. What difference does it...
  11. Perrybeard82

    Media. Net RPM dropping fast

    Hiya guys just started using media.net and noticed my rpm dropping like crazy with the more traffic I send to my page for example day one had only 12 views and the rpm was just over $78 now I'm getting 2k plus visters it's gone down to as low as 0.01 rpm. Is this normal. Does anyone know how to...
  12. realankitsingh1

    Looking for Publisher

    Hi, Actually am looking for a publisher who can provide me USA / Canada Traffic. I need traffic on a daily basis but it should be real traffic not any kind of proxy or traffic exchange or any kind bot traffic. If you have real traffic then pm, i will make payout on every two day. i can make...
  13. ProfessorBlackbeard

    LF for a BH google ads expert

    Hello, I am looking for an experienced BH google ads expert to help me set up several accounts targeting Scandinavia. I will cover all the cost for setting up the operation + quoted salary for your time. Please send me a PM if you can help provide with the following: 1. Experience with BH...
  14. C

    how to promote punjabi song on google ads | my ad got disaproved several times

    i want to know how to promote my Punjabi songs on you tube as google has policy of disproved ads of language not supported. but lot of punjabi songs are running
  15. patwilkinson

    6 Brilliant Tips For Making Money from Blogging

    If blogging is your passion, then you can earn money right from your home. There is multitude of ways you can explore to monetize your blog. These are 6 trusted and time tested avenues to make money blogging. PPC advertising - PPC or Pay Per Click advertising is one of the commonest internet...
  16. W White

    [LONG TERM BUSINESS] Digital Marketing Agency Startup - Targeting 6 Figure Per Month

    Hey Fellas, Some of you might be knowing me from my previous journey of PPC + Clickbank and how I successfully achieved my target of $1000/day through thorough planning, execution, and optimization. As I also announced on my previous journey thread, I had been intending to start my digital...
  17. T

    Google Ads

    In google ads dynamic ads are helpful to promote your brand in all across the web?
  18. hero76

    Need PPC expert

    Need someone’s help with a big ppc project. Please send me list of work you’ve done. Client is huge with adspend over $5,000 monthly. We can negotiate pay based on your experience.
  19. A

    Which Network is best for beginner and easliy approved

    I need help about PPC network . I applied on many network but they all disapproved me . Any other way to get best network for beginner
  20. K

    Google Ads Reporting

    If I create a search campaign on google ads? Then after one week what all the reports should I check?