ppc advertising

  1. W

    Looking for the PPC expert

    We are seeking an individual with expertise in PPC to generate traffic in the US market for our home remodeling services.
  2. Buddieizreal

    I'm looking for a teacher...

    I own a few landing pages for affiliate marketing platforms that pay me per click on their link. I started using advertising platforms like Popcash, PopAds, Mondiad, and Traffic Junky but I'm not making much money. I'm looking for someone who is willing to teach me how to make the most out of my...
  3. J

    My formula to calculate profitability in PPC advertising

    I could not find anything straightforward on the internet to get an entry bid estimate when first creating the ad as a method of hedging so I wrote this up quickly. Maybe there are better ways with more variables to factor in but this is what I'm working with right now, what do you guys think...
  4. K

    I Got 500 Clicks And No Conversions; Here Are 4 Of The Possible Problems

    I Got 500 Clicks And No Conversions; Here Are 4 Of The Possible Problems A friend of mine got 600 clicks and 0 conversions, That's disturbing. He got confused at first, he thought it might be a scam on the side of the vendors. But he resolved that thought saying they won't have displayed the...
  5. mrFabulous

    YouTube ads vs Instagram ads. which one is more cost effective?

    Which ads network works best for you. YouTube or Instagram? Also which one offers low CPC?
  6. H

    My Bing ads accounts + your profitable offers/campaigns

    Ready to work with people who run white/grey hat offers on bing but are not able to set up accounts or avoid suspensions, I have multiple stable accounts with approved campaigns. Dm me and we can talk more about the details.
  7. helloeddy

    How would you sell a novelty product like this Plasma Gun?

    I would like to help a friend sell this product which they are currently selling on www.touchofmodern.com, but they would like to sell directly to customer using Shopify or Woocommerce. How would you market a product like this? Google Shopping Ads? Instagram Influencer Marketing? TikTok...
  8. S

    Bing Ads for Local Business Generating 0 Calls

    Hey Guys, I am running Bing Ads for a local business. We are getting clicks from relevant places and the search terms are also relevant. We are running 2 campaigns. 1 - Mobile Only: Since Bing doesnt really have a call only campaign I created a campaign only for mobile with a call extension to...
  9. C

    Need to hire PPC agent for French & Belgium trading bot lead gen

    You need to use your own accounts. We are done trying to use Gads/bing/fb every-time we try the accounts get banned. Niche is trading bots for FX/Crypto we are willing to pay $15 per lead. Doesn't need to be PPC live:.cid.b8d2a042dabc0e5c
  10. A

    Hiring PPC specialist for igaming.

    Hello, we are doing BH campaigns for igaming affiliate for several geos(Australia, Germany, Canada, Norway, Switzerland, Austria, Spain, Finland etc.). We have many warmed up accounts and active campaigns. We are looking for PPC specialist for manage campaigns and optimization. Applicants must...
  11. karlochi

    Finding potential clients

    Hi BHW PPC community, can you share some advice on best practices for finding clients. I am new in this space and trying to make some space for me. For me, first thing is LinkedIn where i can connect with a lot of people. And, is there a way to showcase my abilities because right now i don't...
  12. olkaluru

    Best PPC advertising program with high payouts and accepts crypto?

    After researching on lots of making money topics, I heard about PPC ads and it caught my interest. I don't have a website but I am planning on making one, so I thought about adding PPC ads on my website that could help me generate some side income. (My understanding on this topic is very...
  13. netcontentbiz

    Hello! I'm here to know all about the tips & tricks that can be used to rank a site!

    Well, the forum name suggests that there are people here who use Black Hat SEO regularly! Well, I'm here to understand how to do it without doing it :D The market is full of people who talk about achieving relevant reach within days. They have strategies, PPC pitches, and so much more. I'd like...
  14. S

    POD - Print on Demand - customisable product site

    Hey, Im looking to buy a pre-made site on Shopify or WordPress in which customers can create and customise their own products and place an order. Upload their own design for t-shirts or visiting cards etc. Pre-made or if someone can build or has an example and can share costing and timeline...
  15. F


  16. harshmarsh

    Spy on Competitors Display Ads

    Hello Guys, I am running few ad campaigns and I am looking for any tools that would show me my competitor's display ads so that I can take them as a reference which can help me to bring a better outcome. Can you guys help me to get this tool's name? Someone recommended SpyFu, Semrush, but it...
  17. P

    Google Ads for Youtube <<Overspending>>

    So, I have Google Ads account, where I load money and run ads. Ads are all whitehat, and I am paying via valid credit card / debit card, so suspension for payments / circumventing etc is not a concern. Now what I want to achieve is, I want to overspend the limit. For instance, I load the...
  18. M

    Looking for Someone to create Churn and Burn Accounts for me | Continuous Basis

    Hi, I am looking for someone who can create solid churn and burn accounts for us. (Threshold / Invoicing / Grants), anything shall work. PM to discuss further, if you can do this. Thanks
  19. smit007

    Hello everyone

    Hello BHW people, am new here and looking to learn blackhat PPC tactics mainly.
  20. ProfessorBlackbeard

    HELP: Suspended account - Using legit card and company details

    Hello fellow Blackhatters! I'm in need of some help, I live in Sweden an i'm creating new accounts for a Malta based company using their payment creditcards, their company details and so the payment country is set to Malta. But it's all legit info with legit CC's. Although I'm based in Sweden...
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