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  1. ukglamcam

    Adult Site Owner

    HI All! I am Leighanne - a newish adult webcam site owner I decided to build my own platform nearly 2 years ago and it has now been live for about 9 months... I am struggling with the client to model balance - one minute i have active 'clients' but no models - the next I have models and no...
  2. I

    Best ways to monetize my adult tube site?

    I have an adult tube site with over 2.5 million visitors per month. I'm currently using to monetize the site, but it's only generating $600 - $700 per month. What are the best ways to monetize the site?
  3. thesuperhero

    [Journey] Making a living out of an Adult Website

    Hello everyone, first of all, thank you for all the insights I've got for being a member here, quite liked the forum and people here seem to be very serious about sharing knowledge. That being said, I decided to start my own journey so we can share even more experiences. I'm gonna tell you all...
  4. clay99foryou

    $100 a day still possible with Porn Reupload :)

    I am uploading daily 5-10 quality videos on small tube sites win one domain on all of it also same cta and I do it for a month for a domain. After a month I change the cta and domain name so that I can track a little which is working and which is not working. Testing it for a month is good for...
  5. L

    Anybody has experience with metartmoney(adult)?

    I am new to IM and want to promote metart,but there's only a few affiliate information after google.Anybody has experience with it? I know they have some restrictions on payment.But I need more details.Can somebody gives me some advice?
  6. justinbj

    Can I use Shoppy to sell adult stuffs?

    I know that I can use it, but the thing is shoppy lets you add any picture you want to display, what im trynna ask is, shall i use n3de images over there without any problems? read their tos but nothing helped and i have seen some sells adult stuffs but they dont use a n3de images So anyone...
  7. N

    Adult Marketing with Tinder & Okcupid

    Hi, I developed Tinder and OkCupid bots. It's swipe and send messages automatically. I don't know how to monetize it with these bots. I have a couple of ideas and want to know what do you think about that. 1. I was planning to promote OnlyFans accounts but I didn't found any content creators...
  8. ura33

    Adult Dropshipping Recommendations

    i am looking at setting up a Drop shipping site for Adult toys and related items. Could anyone recommend a reputable Drop shipping company? thanks in advance
  9. Nedronproo

    Haw to promote adult cpa ?

    I start adult cpa 2 mounth ago and i earned some money with crackrevenue 62$ i was promoting on social media But many times t get banned I think to move to other methods Free methods because i dont have any money yet to invest Can give some ideas Sorry for my anglich
  10. Nedronproo

    Free adult traffic cpa

    Hey guys i start adult cpa a mounth ago and i'm using youtube to get lead with crackrevenue Doi but i dont get that much of leads i some days i get one leads and some other days i dont get any i want to buy traffic but i dont have money now there is a method to get free traffic can someone help...
  11. Highr0ll34

    Adult Tube Website 2020 - What's Next?

    Old journey thread has been closed due to me breaking BHW rules relating to posting links to my blog posts, which is fair play as I did it. The 2020 edition of the porn tube hustle will now continue here. I hope everyone doing well, lets jump straight into it. Since my last post I had been...
  12. B

    Need ideas for YouTube Affiliate NSFW

    Hey everyone, I have a youtube channel that gets organic views of 1k per day in NSFW niche, and I was thinking how can I monetize this? Would becoming an affiliate for adult websites be the best case scenario? Would YouTube allow the links in the bio? Thanks!
  13. B

    Adult Site Monetization

    Hey everyone, I have a YouTube channel with about 200k views in total spread out over 50 videos of NSFW content. How can I monetize it? Is affiliate links for only fans or something the best way? Thanks!!
  14. pornrookie

    I have bunch of questions about seo and other topics

    Hey Everyone. It is my first real post. I will tell shortly about myself. I am living in Germany though not German. Computer science student and I was working in a bar to sustain my life s.Now I don't have a job and money because of Coronavirus. I created adult tube site 2 weeks ago. I have...
  15. somewebmaster

    Adult gay traffic monetization problem

    Hello There's a hentai site with both straight and gay traffic. Straight visitors bring money with both RevShare and CPL adult games offers, but the site keeps failing to make money on gay traffic. Dating, cams, games, premium sites, toys, pills... nothing worked. Now gay visitors are offered...
  16. C

    porn video reuploading 2020, Can we make money from it?

    I'm very new to adult niche So I need your ideas.. I would like to know weather this method works now? I have gone through some of the threads and some other blog posts.. some people say its not possible now. Some says yes you can. My idea is to download videos from different site and...
  17. A

    Adult affiliate success - now stuck

    First post as I was an avid lurker but never posted and considered making a journey but didn't end up having the time. This is the summary of what I've achieved with the incredibly good info here: Website getting 50,000+ hits per month with zero seo 3 Twitter accounts - 14k, 4k, 1.5 - all...
  18. H

    HottyPage Adults Social Media ( Need best Develloper )

    I am new here and looking for anyone that are familiar with the Adult Industry as porn webcam sites etc... SEO BACKLINK TRAFFIC etc... Back en Front end develloper Designer etc...
  19. Ankith K Shetty

    Is Adscombo worth it? Any other for Adult CPA?

    Hi, I want to ask if anyone tried Adscombo and has anyone made reasonable amount of money from it? Is there any good CPA network for Adult Products. Please help a brother here. Thanks, Ankith
  20. W

    Transfer files from self-hosted site to Keep2share or ...

    Hi I see other people having great earnings with monetizing their video (NSFW) site with this sites like Keep2share or others. I wanna try one of this things but the problem is that I uploaded every video by myself on site and I have like 2000+ videos, so is there any way to transfer all videos...