adult affiliate

  1. Danny Crypto

    Still making money from adult video upload

    I am posting videos on small porn video sites and spamming a lot of them, videos stay for some time and generates views and clicks for me, in the end they pay me via ppl networks. I am going through the churn and burn process and still able to generate handsome income by a funnel designed by...
  2. D

    Bank for Receiving Adult Affiliate Payments

    Any current recommendations for receipt of adult affiliate payments such as Paxum, Cosmopayment etc?
  3. J

    Looking to invest or partnership with Chaturbate or other Live Adult sites

    Hi, I'm a biz dev manager of a large gaming firm and we are looking to partner or invest in an adult live streaming provider. Please kindly DM If you are an affiliate manager or in a relevant position. Johnny
  4. D

    Adult Expert Hiring (Affiliate and traffic experience)

    Hi! Currently running a adult niche website in The Netherlands that gets about 30k unique visitors a month. Upscaling this websites is hard because of limited volume. That's the reason I'm going to expand (from a new website) to English and 4-5 other languages. I'm looking for someone that can...
  5. T

    adult website: content management policy and procedures

    Hello, I need your valuable help, I plan to open an adult website (membership) but the segpay bank is asking me for a procedure that is: To provide merchants with content management policy and procedures (including but not limited to age and identity verification, content review, uploading and...
  6. A

    Looking for ways to build an audience

    I am looking to make some money with affiliate marketing but i have no audience and was wondering how i could gain some leads. i have one stratagy in mind: - make a tik tok account posting adult type videos (sexual stuff but not stuff that wil get me banned) - gain followers - add a website...
  7. Raunakdope

    Is there any way I can look up the landing pages made by others who are promoting the same offer as mine on crakrevenue?

    I have been promoting my landing page on twitter for a while now and even after getting over 500 visits there is absolutely no conversions. I want to do some market research and see what kind of designs are being used by others affiliate marketers
  8. lmarton

    Wise Business account + Adult affiliate income?

    Anyone here tried Wise Business account with Adult affiliate income like for example chaturbate? I heard that they not adult friendly at all (it is in their rules) and they will make a google search about the company...And after that they can freeze the account...(In case of chaturbate the...
  9. devamass

    Is it normal to get 9500 hit without a single signup on chaturbate ?

    Hi, I want to monetize my organic mobile traffic, mobile user of that site is around 7000 - 10000 per day. That site is adult related (not adult tube). 47% of it is tier 1. When use Embed Cam of chaturbate for a day, I got this result, For 9618 raw hits there is not a single sign up, is it...
  10. juggernutp

    Looking for networks with ADULT In-Stream (preroll, midroll) Offers

    Hey guys! I want to add video In-Stream ads to my adult tube site for monetization. Which networks do you guys recommend? Thanks!
  11. I

    [Journey] From Masterbater to Adult Webmaster

    first of all, I hope the title is ok lol :D TL;DR: Trying to make money off horny guys So, i kinda suck at making money online, even though i really know about so many different ways of doing it. I think I made $7.95 in revenue with dropshipping years ago, but i tend to suck at sticking to...
  12. ukglamcam

    Adult Site Owner

    HI All! I am Leighanne - a newish adult webcam site owner I decided to build my own platform nearly 2 years ago and it has now been live for about 9 months... I am struggling with the client to model balance - one minute i have active 'clients' but no models - the next I have models and no...
  13. I

    Best ways to monetize my adult tube site?

    I have an adult tube site with over 2.5 million visitors per month. I'm currently using to monetize the site, but it's only generating $600 - $700 per month. What are the best ways to monetize the site?
  14. thesuperhero

    [Journey] Making a living out of an Adult Website

    Hello everyone, first of all, thank you for all the insights I've got for being a member here, quite liked the forum and people here seem to be very serious about sharing knowledge. That being said, I decided to start my own journey so we can share even more experiences. I'm gonna tell you all...
  15. clay99foryou

    $100 a day still possible with Porn Reupload :)

    I am uploading daily 5-10 quality videos on small tube sites win one domain on all of it also same cta and I do it for a month for a domain. After a month I change the cta and domain name so that I can track a little which is working and which is not working. Testing it for a month is good for...
  16. L

    Anybody has experience with metartmoney(adult)?

    I am new to IM and want to promote metart,but there's only a few affiliate information after google.Anybody has experience with it? I know they have some restrictions on payment.But I need more details.Can somebody gives me some advice?
  17. justinbj

    Can I use Shoppy to sell adult stuffs?

    I know that I can use it, but the thing is shoppy lets you add any picture you want to display, what im trynna ask is, shall i use n3de images over there without any problems? read their tos but nothing helped and i have seen some sells adult stuffs but they dont use a n3de images So anyone...
  18. N

    Adult Marketing with Tinder & Okcupid

    Hi, I developed Tinder and OkCupid bots. It's swipe and send messages automatically. I don't know how to monetize it with these bots. I have a couple of ideas and want to know what do you think about that. 1. I was planning to promote OnlyFans accounts but I didn't found any content creators...
  19. ura33

    Adult Dropshipping Recommendations

    i am looking at setting up a Drop shipping site for Adult toys and related items. Could anyone recommend a reputable Drop shipping company? thanks in advance
  20. Nedronproo

    Haw to promote adult cpa ?

    I start adult cpa 2 mounth ago and i earned some money with crackrevenue 62$ i was promoting on social media But many times t get banned I think to move to other methods Free methods because i dont have any money yet to invest Can give some ideas Sorry for my anglich