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    A year or so ago I uploaded an video in the gaming niche and used cpa to monetize.

    At the very beginning I was providing (as the end product) a complete BS delivery... If I recall correctly, I put it on a page that was a 404 file not found error.

    Then, my cpa source alerted all of us that if we promoted something, we actually had to deliver.

    Most people of of course simply didn't pay attention. Some lost their accounts, and some stayed under the radar because their earnings were low enough that it didn't raise any red flags.

    I however did pay attention.

    Since I knew very little about online gaming, it was clear that I wouldn't be able to provide a viable product to people who filled a form in exchange for getting what was promised, so I did the next best thing and have been completely safe since then.

    What i do now is simply first find a video of someone actually telling the viewer how to mod the game, and I provide a link to their video as the product being delivered.

    This keeps me safe because the end-user is getting what was promised, and me and the cpa company are getting paid.

    And just to give you a little nugget to work with, when people land on my page via the video, I have a disclaimer on the bottom of the page that tells them that all mods are submitted by users and that I have not personally tested those mods, and that some of the information available on my video may be "excitement phrases" and are not actually offered.

    Still with me? - This gives me Plausible Deniability from any harmful actions being taken against me (I even sent my AM to see my delivery page to verify that I was not breaking any tos).

    So, if you have been paying attention, I just told you how you can offer crazy unachievable mods for games, but use upfront disclaimers on the actual action page (not many people actually read those things), and be in complete compliance with your cpa program requirements and never have to worry about your account (money) being taken away from you.

    I know that to some of you experienced youtube marketers this is probably common since, but some new YT'ers might hopefully find this post useful.

    With that being said, I invite any youtube marketers to share any of their own little twists that help them create a payday.

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    This is very helpful information. Surprised that no one else is chiming in here. Everyone is still too busy trying to figure out how to monetize RSCP servers...

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    Or RSTP.