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    Rank your Youtube videos on topof Youtube search
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    Rank your Youtube videos on topof Youtube search
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    Rank your Youtube videos on topof Youtube search
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    Contact us: Vegas Web Offer Will End Soon
  5. cyberjunkie

    [Method] My Video Bot $100k Per Month Global Post Pandemic Strategy! Email SEO Video Sales System- Newbie Friendly-Advanced Tutorial 2021

    Thanks BHW & FRANK aka "Lostgringos" Context- BEFORE I first started earning well online years ago, I held a C-Suite gig for a world class media giant. Eventually I UNbossed myself by enabling a new twist on what I'd already been doing for larger branded media companies for years. In those...
  6. goflyers

    YIVE 3.0 - Mass Video Generation & Upload Automation Engine [BHW Discount]

    The rumors of mass video posting being dead are greatly exaggerated...... Additional FAQs: What does this cloud software do? YIVE was built to automatically generate videos and upload them to YouTube channels for you every day 24/7/365. There are 8 different campaign types to help you...
  7. T

    Incorporating YouTube Videos in Your Organic Search Strategy

    Brian Freiesleben just put together a down-to-earth guide on how embedded YouTube videos can bump your organic traffic volume, and he’s got some unique insights. Video content can often be an overlooked SEO opportunity for many websites. While quality video content can be expensive to produce...
  8. HardSearcher

    How can I Find Dailymotion Vidoes which are not published on Youtube?

    Hello, how can I find videos which are not published on Youtube but published on other Video Portals?
  9. Infocomsoftware

    Do you think Blogs are outdated and Vlogs will only remain for 2020?

    Hello there, So, do you think writing a blog has become less productive in 2020? Vlog > Blog Vlog < Blog Vlog = Blog :anyway::anyway:
  10. Und3fined

    Just a curious guy, hi BHW :)

    I'm not a total newbie to the forum, though I haven't done much on 2013 BHW either Currently developing a woocommerce dropshipping platform on localhost while messing with some freelance Video Marketing projects I get requests for. Came to lurk and occasionally contribute if I can.. Cheers
  11. Und3fined

    What works, and what doesn't for Online Money Making

    This is a Request thread, so if you're not about helping a brotha out press backspace. I'll eventually get to my point though; I'm a Jobless 22 years old college dropout with a mom dying of terminal stage illness. I've been tip toeing around online money making since 2011.. Only was able to...
  12. tsumaaa

    Anyone running a successful video marketing agency?

    I wanted to throw this question out there to see how many folks are making money selling marketing videos to small businesses? I've heard of some people selling video advertisements to company's for upwards of at least $100 or more and this seems to be the new way of selling marketing...
  13. slickbrick

    *Video Professionals* Any Suggestion for My New Webinar/Youtube Setup?

    Hey awesome video creators! Could you do me a favor? I need a little upgrade to my setup. I wan't to make more pro videos, without spending too much. I especially want to upgrade my camera and my lighting. My use is going to be mainly recording of my webinar and value videos for my new...
  14. thevideoguy

    Hiring YouTube Video Creator

    Hey BHW users, We're looking to hire video creators who can provide videos suitable for the YouTube Partner Program. We're creating bulk monetized YouTube channels and need content to get them approved. Requirements are as follows: - Videos must follow YouTube's community guidelines...
  15. dt2017

    Rank your local youtube videos to #1 spot

    Hi there, My Name is Dickson Ton and we would like to increase the Revenue of your business by ranking videos of your company on the first page of google and outrank your competition. This will get you lots of traffic and the best thing is it's FREE TRAFFIC because once the videos are ranked...
  16. Swave

    Youtube "Poking" Method?

    Hi Guys, I read somewhere (can't remember where) that one technique to determine if a video will rank is to use the "poking" method. Is that just uploading vids with desired kw phrases to see if/where they rank and then taking them down?
  17. shiboshy

    ⚡$1/VIDEO⚡ ✅Video Creation Service ✅Video Marketing Stores For Sale ✅Start reselling ✅Domain/Hosting

    No, thanks, i'll proceed to order video creation services for myself What we do? We convert websites and posts into high quality videos! We use videos to increase sales and conversions! Our company is focused on Video Marketing! We turn posts into videos that rank! Our videos will bring you...
  18. B

    YouTbe channel question

    I've had a YT channel for several years. I'd say its performance is mediocre, and I'd like to change that.. I've got hundreds of review videos posted but only 700 subscribers. HERE'S THE QUESTION... If I wanted to run a new campaign in my channel to boost subscribers, views, etc. would I be...
  19. D

    [Rank Now & Pay Later] Unique Fast Video Ranking Service - Proof Inside

    (NOTE : We Upgraded To 100 Videos And Not 25 Videos) Affiliates Invited Earn $100 Recurring Commission Per Sale, Promoting Guaranteed Result Oriented Video Marketing Service.
  20. codeman1234

    Best method to rank #1 a Youtube video on Google?

    Hello, Just starting with some video marketing methods but, it seems that most tutorials all say the same, so, I was wondering if anyone here can recommend me best methods to rank my video on the #1st Page on Google, and also what methods are working now. Thanks again!
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